Calendar 2022/23


16 Aegrotat Awards
16.1 On the recommendation of the Faculty Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee or Board of Examiners concerned, the Senate may deem a candidate who has been prevented by illness or exceptional personal circumstances from attending the whole or part of a deferred assessment for a degree, diploma, certificate or other award to have been successful in that assessment and grant an Aegrotat pass, provided that:
16.1.1 the Faculty Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee or Board of Examiners concerned has submitted a written report to the Education Board or Postgraduate Research Board certifying: 
  (a) that it is satisfied that the candidate's absence from the deferred assessment was justified by reason of illness or exceptional personal circumstances, and that the evidence received had included a medical certificate or other appropriate documentation attesting to the candidate's absence submitted to the Registrar and Secretary.
  (b) that it had subsequently considered the candidate's academic record including coursework and performance in previous assessments in the University, and was satisfied that the programme of study leading to the deferred assessment had been completed, and that the assessment would have been passed had the candidate not been prevented from taking it; and
16.1.2 The Education Board or Postgraduate Research Board has endorsed the recommendation of the Faculty Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee or Board of Examiners. 
16.1.3 with the exception of students registered on programmes covered by the 'Policy and Procedures for Fitness to Practise' (as specified in annex 1 of the procedure) who may not be considered for an Aegrotat award.
16.2 A candidate recommended for an Aegrotat pass may choose alternatively to sit the deferred examination within one further year, without attendance at the University. Such an election shall not preclude the Aegrotat pass being awarded should the candidate again be prevented by illness/exceptional personal circumstance from attending the examination.
16.3 An Aegrotat pass will be permitted on one occasion only during the course of a student's programme of study.