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Ordinance 15

15 Posthumous Awards
15.1 In the event of a candidate's decease the Senate may award, and/or cause to be conferred, a degree, diploma or certificate posthumously, provided that:
15.1.1 for research degrees, the thesis or dissertation has been submitted and a favourable report received from the Board of Examiners. The Award of Posthumous and Aegrotat Postgraduate Research Degrees: Statement of Procedures should be followed in such circumstances.
15.1.2 for degrees awarded after advanced study, the coursework and any required examinations have been completed, any required dissertation or project submitted, and a favourable report received from the Faculty Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee.
15.1.3 for first degrees in instances where the candidate has died before completion of the required examinations, the Faculty Assessment, Progression and Awarding Committee has consequently considered the candidate's academic record including coursework and performance in previous examinations in the University and is satisfied
  (a) that the required programme of study leading to the examination had been completed, and
  (b) that had the student not been prevented from taking the examination the student would have passed.