Exam Information for the 2016/7 academic year

Guidance to Candidates 2016-7

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How to Locate your Desk in the Exam Hall

Exam Room Locations May 2017


Referred/Deferred Exams 2017

Ref/Def exams will take place Saturday 12th August - Saturday 19th August 2017

The Referred/Deferred 2017 exam timetable will be released to students during w/c 14th July 2017‌

All students will be required to sit their exam(s) at the Penryn Campus and must ensure that these periods remain free from all other commitments

Students will be contacted around the 14th July 2017 via their @exeter.ac.uk email addresses giving further details of their referred/deferred assessments - PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK YOUR MAILBOX FREQUENTLY!

The deadline for new applications for specific provisions is 30th June 2017 so if you think you require specific exam provisons please ensure you visit Accessibility beofe this date.


Referred assessment charges are as follows: 

£100 per written paper exam / online exam element

£50 per coursework element.

There is no charge for deferred assessment.


If you are permitted to sit referred/deferred assessments overseas you will be required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of £130, this is in addition to any referral fee(s)


For more information or to make an enquiry, please contact the Education Support Service via:

E-mailinfo.penryn@exeter.ac.uk or cc-exams@exeter.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1326 371800