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If you have been recommended for award by your Board of Examiners you must submit a copy of your thesis/dissertation to Open Research Exeter (ORE) before your degree can be formally approved.

ORE is the University's repository of all research carried out at Exeter. Depositing your thesis in the collection will ensure it is made publicly visible, or open access. There are many benefits of making your research papers and thesis available via open access; it:

  • Increases citations and exposure of your research.
  • Helps to build your research career.
  • Increases chances for further funding opportunities and collaborations.
  • Meets the transparency/openness agenda.

Before depositing your thesis:

After depositing your thesis:

  • Your deposit in ORE will be checked by the Postgraduate Administration Office to ensure all the information is correct before it is added to the archive.
  • If any changes need to be made to your thesis deposit you will receive an email notification, to your University email account, to confirm what changes are required
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your deposit has been made successfully.

For more information on submitting your thesis to ORE please contact the Postgraduate Administration Office.

For more information on accessing theses already in ORE please contact a Liaison Librarian.

Hard-bound theses

If you registered for your degree before October 2008, and prefer not to submit electronically, you can submit one hardbound copy of your thesis/dissertation. Please contact the Postgraduate Administration Office for guidance on the correct presentation.

To have your thesis permanently bound please contact the Students' Guild Print Room in the Forum.