Specific Provisions for Examinations

Exeter University can only put specific provision (reasonable adjustments) for examinations (such as extra time, laptop usage, special rooming provision) in place after you have discussed your needs in an appointment with Wellbeing Services, and any provisions have been agreed and put in place on your Individual Learning Plan.

Please note any previous exam adjustments you may have had before at school and/or college will not transfer to your study at Exeter.

Requesting an appointment with Wellbeing to discuss exam adjustments

The dates below are the latest date you can request an appointment with Wellbeing Services to set up exam adjustments for the next exam session.

Friday 3rd November 2017 for January exams,

Friday 16th February 2018 for May exams and

Friday 29th June 2018 for referred/deferred exams.

Please note there is always a high demand for these appointments. It is always best to request these appointments as soon as you can. Unless your needs change you will only need to tell us about your specific provision (reasonable adjustments) once.

Exeter University cannot guarantee specific provision (reasonable adjustments) for your exam if you request an appointment after the dates listed above.

Providing evidence to support your specific provision (reasonable adjustments)

You will need to bring the medical evidence for your disability or long-term health condition to your Wellbeing appointment if you have not already submitted this to Wellbeing Services. This evidence can include a letter from a GP or medical professional, or in the case of a Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia or Dyspraxia, a Post-16 Educational Psychologist report.

What to do if you have missed the appointment deadline

  • If, for whatever reason, you have not asked for an appointment to arrange your exam provision with Wellbeing Services by the deadlines seen above, please contact Wellbeing Services immediately.

  • If you have subsequently had an injury that could cause you difficulty in a formal exam situation, you should contact Wellbeing Services and the Examinations Office as soon as possible with the necessary medical documentation.

Exeter University cannot guarantee to put any necessary specific provision (reasonable adjustments) in place if you miss the appointment deadline. Should exam arrangements not be put in place due to the missed appointment deadline and you feel your academic performance has been affected, you should speak to your College. They may advise you to apply for mitigation.

My Examination Timetable

We will send you a link to your standard examination timetable, however if you have followed the guidance outlined above, you will receive an additional email setting out your individual arrangements. These arrangements will not appear on your online timetable but please check you have been allocated a designated (SP) venue. If you do not receive such an email or do not have a SP venue on your online timetable it is important you tell Wellbeing Services and the Examinations Office immediately.

Further Information

For more information on the support available from Wellbeing Services, please see our contact us page.

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