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Referred/Deferred Assessment

The Referred/deferred assessments are scheduled to commence on Saturday 10th August 2024 and will run until Monday 19th August 2024. Students who need to retake specific assessments will receive a email with full instructions in late June. Additionally, students must pay the required fee as for any referred Assessments/Coursework as instructed. Please be aware that any referral fees are still payable even if you are absent for your assessment(s).

The submission deadline for referred/deferred coursework assessments will be the 29th July 2024.

Please ensure you check your mailbox frequently!

Student personal timetables will be made available via MyTimetable, as well as through the iExeter app, as soon as the timetable has been finalised. This will be released mid to late July.

Please ensure that your devices time zone settings are set to BST - British Summer Time.

Exeter students can contact the Streatham Examinations office via the SID Online portal.

Cornwall students may contact the Cornwall Campus Exams Office via Room A065, Peter Lanyon Building, Cornwall Campus, Penryn Cornwall, TR10 9FE or via email

Fees for any Referred/Deferred assessments

The University charges per in-person referral assessment and/or Referred Coursework submission. Referral fees are as follows:

Per Referred Assessment/Exam - £100

Per Referred Coursework - £50

This is upto a maximum of £200 (Any referred fees will be capped at this level and you will not be expected to may more per ref/def period).

Definitions of referred / deferred assessment:

Referred Assessments

Referral is a further attempt (‘re-assessment’, ‘resit’, ‘repeat’) at a module assessment without the requirement to repeat any attendance. Students who do not pass a module or those affected by the current circumstances related to the University's exceptional year policy may be granted a referred assessment.  Please contact your Info Point if you require any further advice.

Deferred Assessments

Deferred assessment allows a student to postpone an exam or extend the submission date of coursework if a student believes that his/her performance in an assessment has been affected by personal circumstances (e.g. medical condition, family crisis, bereavement). To apply for deferral, a student is entitled to submit an application for mitigation. If mitigation is approved, a student may be granted a deferral. Please contact your Info Point if you require any further advice.