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Sitting Referred/Deferred Examinations Overseas

Referred and deferred exams will be held at the University between 10th August 2024 - 19th August 2024 (inclusive).

All students who are required to sit a referred or deferred examination are required to sit these exams at venues arranged by the University of Exeter Examinations Office. These exams will be hosted at a venue on either the Streatham(Exeter) Campus, the St Lukes(Exeter) Campus or the Penryn(Cornwall) Campus. However, in exceptional circumstances, students may seek approval to take the examination at an authorized institution outside the United Kingdom. This institution should usually be the local British Council Office or, exceptionally, a Higher Education establishment which would be subject to approval.  The student should have no connection with the institution in which the examination is being hosted.

Please be aware that this type of assessment is not linked to your ILP and is not deemed a form of alternative assessment. Therefore there will be no reason for you to apply for an alternative assesment in order to seek approval for a sit abroad exam.

Please note that you cannot sit an on-campus exam on-line; it must be sat in person.

Reasons that can be considered

Sitting an examination outside of the UK is not an automatic right, and permission will only be granted when it is determined that a student has a valid reason for not taking the exam in the UK, provided that it aligns with program requirements and adheres to University policy. The only reasons that can be considered for sitting abroad are as follows:

  • Medical reasons – if you are unable to travel for medical reasons. NB - this is where medical reasons prevent you travelling but not from sitting an exam. A Mitigation Application should be submitted if medical reasons mean your performance at an exam (in any location) will be affected.
  • Academic Study – if you are undertaking further academic study during the exam period and the host institution has confirmed that you are not allowed to return to the University for these exams.
  • Overseas work placements (credit bearing) – only if you have had a request for permission to return to the University for the exams refused by the placement provider.
  • Travel restrictions
  • Other exceptional personal circumstances

Please note – financial or employment reasons will not be accepted except in exceptional circumstances.

Evidence required

When you ask for permission to sit your exam abroad, your request form must be accompanied by supporting evidence in English*. This is important – any application that does not have the appropriate supporting evidence attached will be refused and students will not be chased for additional information.

  • Medical: A letter from an independent medical professional to confirm that you are unable to travel for medical reasons.
  • Academic: Official documentation such as a verifiable letter from your place of study that states what you are studying, the course dates, and confirms that you do not have permission to attend the exams in August.
  • Overseas work placements (credit bearing): Official documentation such as a verifiable letter or email from your place of work confirming that you do not have permission to attend the exams in August.
  • Travel restrictions: A link and screenshot to an official Government website detailing travel restrictions. 
  • Other: Other verifiable evidence that provides details of the unavoidable circumstances and shows that you are unable to return to the University for exams in August.

*Official Translations

Where a document is not in English, the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation provided by a professional translator/translation company. This translation must include:

  • details of the translator/translation company’s credentials; and
  • confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document; and
  • the translator/translation company’s contact details.

It must also be dated and include the original signature of the translator or an authorised official of the translation company. Translation companies will charge you a fee.

How to apply

The form to request to sit your exams overseas will be open for submissions from June 24th to July 5th. The form will be available for completion starting June 24th, 2024. Please find the link to the form below.

Please note that after July 5th, the form will close, and you will no longer be able to request to sit your exams overseas. You will then be expected to sit your exams on campus.

**Link coming soon ** 

What happens next

Hubs will accept or decline requests made, based on the evidence provided regarding your application to sit overseas. You will be notified via email, mid July 2024.

If you are approved to sit your exams overseas, you will be sent a link to the registration form, once the exam timetable has been released. At this point you will need to contact the venue to ask if they will host your exams, receive contact information for the venue, and let them know that the University of Exeter will be in touch to arrange the dates and times of the Exams with them. The Registration Form will ask for the following details in order that communication can be established with the Host: 

  • Name of Supervisor/Contact at the Host Institution 

  • Full Postal Address of Host Venue 

  • e-mail address for contact at the host institution 

  • Phone number for contacting the Host venue 

Finding a Host Insitution

The host institution should be a local British Council Office. Contact details and information regarding your closest Office can be found on the British Council Website. Please be aware that not all British Council offices offer examination facilities, therefore it is essential to check before you make any arrangements that they are willing to accomodate you during the examination period in question. You should also ensure that you have no connection with this institution in which the examination is to be hosted. If you are not able to find a British Council location, please contact us at

The University of Exeter Exams office will contact the Institution using the details supplied. We will organise the examination with them once we have  ensured that the other institution complies with the University of Exeter Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and the Assessment Regulations.


The administration fee for taking your exam abroad is £100 per examination, with no cap on the total amount. 

PLEASE NOTE that if your request to sit abroad is approved, all costs incurred at your overseas host venue is directly chargeable to you, the student. 

Accommodation at Exeter/Penryn Campus

Accommodation will be available in Exeter and Penryn for those students who are required to return to the UK to sit their exams. There will be special rates for both resitting Students and accompanying guests throughout the Referred/Deferred period.

Accommodation on the University Streatham Campus in Exeter will be available at Holland Hall. Booking can be made online at: and all enquiries can be sent to:

Accommodation on the University Penryn Campus in Falmouth will be available throughout the referred/deferred exam period also and bookings can be made online at:  Home - Cornwall Plus ( 

Full booking details for this accommodation with discount codes will be advised in the official email which will be sent in July.

Visa Extensions

If you have any worries about your visa status or think you need to extend your visa, please contact the International Student Support team via SID.