Car parking

Eligibility for an Annual permit/ ‘Authority to Park’ badge

Students may apply for an annual permit / ‘authority to park’ badge, if their term time address is outside the city boundary (not postcodes EX1, EX2 & EX4). 

If you are entitled to bring your car to the campus, as an alternative to an annual permit you may be issued with an ‘authority to park’ badge free of charge.  This entitles you to park your car on the campus provided that you purchase a daily ‘pay and display’ ticket at a reduced staff rate, currently £1 a day.

Car Parking Office, Main Reception, Stocker road will require proof of your term-time address and your student card, opening hours are 10:00-14:00. Proof may be in the form of a bill (or a bank statement) addressed to you at the specified address which is no older than 3 months. Checks may be made to ensure that the proof of residence is correct. Knowingly providing false information will be treated as a disciplinary matter under University regulations.