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I like the smaller cohorts at the Penryn Campus as there are more opportunities to interact with the lecturers. I am an active member of the Cheerleading Society and have been on three unforgettable field trips.

My favourite part of the programme is going on field trips. We went to West Penwith in the first year, Isles of Scilly in second and California in the third year. The highlight was going to the Isles of Scilly because prior to the field trip we seldom hung out as a group.

Unlike Streatham, the Penryn Campus has a smaller cohort of students. This facilitates more opportunities for students to interact with the lecturer. As a result, I benefited tremendously from consultations and talks after the lecture itself.

My Human Geography lecturer made a huge impact on my studies. His lectures were content heavy but he made them engaging. In addition, he gave us reports, presentations and debates as assessments, which prepared us for the real world. Furthermore, in the debate section, he made us immerse ourselves in the roles he gave us. This assignment forced us to think and build an argument around our role to highlight the difficulties decision-makers face. 

The overall rank of my course and the University played a huge role in my decision to come here. Plus, the University of Exeter is one of the few universities in the UK that is known and recognised by Singaporeans. Furthermore, I had heard great things from my friends who have graduated from Exeter.

Having studied at the Streatham Campus for a year before moving to the Penryn Campus, I have to say that student life at Streatham is fantastic! The community is welcoming and there are tons of societies and sports for us to try. One of my fondest memories would definitely be the Freshers’ Fayre! Another memorable thing is the events, such as Diwali, where everyone came together to celebrate the Festival of Lights. It was an eye-opener, and the fireworks at the end were amazing. Finally, the food at Streatham is amazing! The Wrap Bar and the Ram both serve amazing food and every Friday we get to enjoy street food from different food vans outside the Guild!

The culture at Penryn is definitely different, but good different! Yes, the community is smaller but that is where the beauty lies. You know almost everyone! The vibe at Penryn is more chilled than Exeter, but that is understandable with Cornwall being a tourist hotspot. Another great thing about Penryn is that the campus is shared with Falmouth University! This allows us to interact with individuals who are strong in the arts. More often than not, they give you a new perspective on things. Let’s not forget the amazing Gylly Beach located just 30min away from campus. This is a major hangout spot during spring where everyone, literally everyone, has a beach barbeque experience - that is one thing I will never forget. Finally, the views surrounding Penryn and Cornwall itself are truly breath-taking! And as an Environmental Scientist, I simply must mention that the air we breathe here is 100% fresher! 

I am a member and ex-captain of the Cheerleading Society. This sport is truly amazing. The community and friendship is indescribable. From an international student perspective, my Cheerleading squad felt like my family and a place where I could release my stress.

In second year we went to the Isles of Scilly in June for a week. While it appears to be a popular destination for its unique and beautiful scenery, the field trip was a great way to highlight that not all online content is completely right; often it has been romanticised. In fact, the islanders are facing numerous pressing environmental issues. The Isles of Scilly field trip was an unforgettable experience, where you foster closer friendships with your course mates and have exciting scientific breakthroughs!

I am interested in recycling and electronic waste management. As such, I intend to work with the Environmental Agency in Singapore to better understand the recycling predicament we are facing and how we can resolve that. Alternatively, I would like to join an agency specialising in electronics. Today, electronic waste is very prevalent and the amount of electronics and electrical equipment discarded is alarming. I hope to join the sustainability team in the company to make a difference.

After working for two years, I intend to take a masters. It may be a master’s degree in business or a masters in environmental management. I will decide once I begin working.

Being blessed with the opportunity to study abroad and at the University of Exeter has been fantastic. Being immersed in a different culture has been great and the University of Exeter has provided me with an education that has nurtured me. 

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