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Why did you decide that Exeter was the best place to study?

I was really interested in the course and the modules seemed really fascinating (especially the Kenya field course!). This and the fact that Exeter is one of the best universities for ecology made the choice so much easier.

Describe your typical day at Exeter

Before the start of my Masters’ project, my day usually includes heading to a few lectures in the day (statistical modelling/marine biodiversity/planning and leading conservation projects/art of science), the CEC seminars, and ending most nights with some sports like climbing and touch rugby. 

Now that my master’s project is in full swing, my typical day consists of doing bat surveys along the magnificent Cornish coast at night followed by analyzing bat calls in the lab the next day. I definitely still make time to climb and go to the gym though!

What are the best aspects of studying within your department?

Honestly the staff here are top notch, they treat you with respect and they are there to help you excel in whatever you’re doing, because they really want you to learn. Also the Kenya field trip was an amazing bonus of my course! I’ve never seen so much wildlife in my life, and it was great to bond together with my course students as well as lecturers.

How would you describe the vibe on campus?

Being in the Cornish countryside and far from a city, I’d honestly say the vibes here are very laid back, chilled and peaceful. I’d spend some weekends in London and being back in Cornwall is just a breath of fresh air and serenity that is sometimes hard to find back home.

What activities are you taking part in?

As an avid climber, I’ve joined the CUC Climbing Club. It has honestly been one of my favourite parts of uni life. I’ve made a lot of friends from this club, and most of them are some of my closest friends here as well. It’s just a big fun group of people doing what we love. And honestly, the climbing in Cornwall is top notch, and absolutely beautiful.

I’m also part of the snow sports club, which grants me access to their annual alps trip in the winter!

What particular skills are you gaining from this experience, will this help you in your choice of career?

A lot of our assessments are based on posters and presentation, so it helped with my public speaking skills and how to give out the most information in a short time, or space. I’ve also learned how to work better in a group setting, and how to lead and facilitate a group through my modules.

How have you dealt with any challenges/difficulties during your time at the University of Exeter (cultural differences, linguistic challenges etc)?  

As there isn't so much Asian food available nearby, I order ingredients online and I've learnt to cook Asian food! 

What is the best thing about living in Penryn?

Living in Penryn is amazing. Cornwall is an absolute gem! The rugged coastlines and cliffs and the sandy beaches and the blue waters makes the lack of Asian food so worth it. Cornwall’s scenery is one of the best, if not the best, in the UK. Every time I’m outside near the coastline, be it for data collection and climbing, I always feel so blessed to be living in such a beautiful area.

Would you recommend Exeter to your friends?


Was there anything about your experiences at Exeter that surprised you?

How inviting and friendly everyone is. My course mates are like a big giant family here :)

What advice would you give students planning on coming to the University of Exeter?

Come with an open mind! Be prepared to have some of the best times of your lives.

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

Definitely 100%.

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