Information sessions

Find out more about Studying Abroad within your discipline, where you can go, which modules you can take and how your time abroad will be assessed.

Information sessions for students going abroad in 2019-20 are currently being booked and will be advertised here soon, please check back for further information.

Find out more about the Pre-departure information session dates.

Business School (2nd years) Monday 24th September 2018 15.00-16.00 Exchange Yellow, Penryn Campus
Business School (1st years) Wednesday 3rd October 2018 12.30-13.30 Streatham Court D, Exeter Campus
Business School (2nd years) Thursday 4th October 2018 9.30-10.30 Streatham Court A, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages (Chinese - 2nd years) Wednesday 10th October 2018 13.30-14.30 Queens, LT7.1, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages (2nd years) Wednesday 10th October 2018 15.30-18.00 Newman Blue, Peter Chalk, Exeter Campus
Business School (1st and 2nd years)
Study Abroad Experience Talk
Wednesday 17th October 2018 13.30-14.30 Streatham Court C, Exeter Campus
Humanities Study and Work UK/Abroad information session (2nd years) Wednesday 17th October 2018 14.00-16.30 Newman Blue, Peter Chalk, Exeter Campus
Live link to Exchange Lecture theatre, Penryn Campus
Social Sciences Study and Work Abroad Information Session - Streatham (2nd years) Wednesday 17th October 2018


Amory C417, Exeter Campus
Social Sciences and Humanities Study and Work Abroad Information Session - Penryn (2nd years) Thursday 18th October 2018


Exchange Green, Penryn Campus
Natural Sciences Friday 19th October 2018


Seminar Room 1, The Forum, Exeter Campus
English with Study in North America (ESNA) Monday 22nd October 2018 12.30-13.30 Amory B310, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages (Russian - 2nd years) Wednesday 24th October 2018 13.30-14.30 Laver 218, Exeter Campus
Humanities and CSSIS Study and Work Abroad information session (1st years) Wednesday 24th October 2018 16.00-17.30 Streatham Court A, Exeter Campus
Geography Friday 26th October 2018 12.30-13.30 Amory B106, Exeter Campus
Sports and Health Sciences Friday 26th October 2018 13.30-14.30 Baring Court, BC112, St Lukes Campus
English with Study in North America (ESNA) Monday 5th November 2018 12.30-13.30 Amory B310, Exeter Campus
Biosciences Tuesday 6th November 2018 12.30-13.30 LT6 Laver, Exeter Campus
Engineering Wednesday 7th November 2018 12.30-13.30 tbc, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages - Spain, Portugal, South America Tuesday 13th November 2018 18.00-19.00 Queens, MR2+3, Exeter Campus
Biosciences and Geography (Penryn) Wednesday 14th November 2018 14.00-15.00 Peter Lanyon Lecture 3, Penryn Campus
Drama Monday 19th November 2018 12.30-13.30 Thornlea, Exeter Campus
Maths Monday 19th November 2018 13.30-14.30 Harrison 171, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages - France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec Tuesday 20th November 2018 18.00-19.00 Queens, MR2+3, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages Year Abroad information session (1st years) Wednesday 5th December 2018 13.30-15.00 Amory Moot, Exeter Campus
Modern Languages - Italy, Germany, Austria, China, Russia Tuesday 27th November 2018 18.00-19.00 Queens, MR2+3, Exeter Campus

Undergraduate travel insurance

The University of Exeter offers all its undergraduate students a comprehensive travel insurance.  Find out more about the benefits of taking out insurance with us.


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Student Information Desk
University of Exeter Wellbeing Services
Peer Support


Language assessment

Remember to look closely at the language of instruction for the modules you would like to take at your host university (see Where can I study abroad? for a list of institutions and their language requirements). 

When researching your placement ensure the institution you wish to study at has enough modules taught in English to cover the duration of your placement with additional reserve modules (in case of timetable clashes or modules not running). 

If you intend to study in a language other than English, Exeter require you to have taken the Advanced 1 (or higher) modules in that language through the Foreign Language Centre (FLC). In addition you must ensure you have the minimum required language competency as advertised by your host university for admission. 

If you are unsure of your language proficiency the Foreign Language Centre provides language tests for French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

In the event you are already fluent in the relevant language, you should contact your College Study Abroad coordinator who will arrange with the FLC for your language ability to be assessed.  If the FLC can confirm to your Study Abroad coordinator that your language is at a level equivalent to Advanced 1 or higher, then you will be exempt from the requirement to study the FLC language modules.


Erasmus+ Language Support

The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is an online platform designed to improve the knowledge of the language you will be working or studying in before and during your stay abroad.  The OLS offers online language assessment and, where applicable, language courses to any student participating in an Erasmus+ mobility activity with a duration in excess of two months.

OLS assessments are mandatory for students who are undertaking a mobility in a language that is not their native language.  For example, if a UK student undertakes a mobility in France but will be working in English they are not required to complete the assessment.  However, if the UK student intends to work in French they will then need to complete the assessment and could participate in a language course.

If an overseas student whose first language is not English enrolled at a UK institution is going to undertake a mobility in English, then they would be required to take the OLS assessment in English.

OLS Second Assessment

The second assessment is mandatory for students who complete the first assessment.  The second assessment is linked to the original assessment and will automatically be issued to you when you reach the end of your mobility.

OLS Assessment for multiple mobilities

If you are undertaking multiple mobilities in the same language you must complete the OLS assessment for each mobility, regardless of whether you have previously completed the OLS language assessment in the same language for a previous mobility.  For instance, if you undertake a mobility in French and complete the OLS assessment and then undertake another mobility in French you will need to complete the OLS assessment again.

Online language support course

The OLS course (separate from the OLS assessment) is aimed at various levels of proficiency.  It is more beneficial to beginners and intermediates but there are sections for those with a better knowledge of the host language.

If you obtain a result between levels A1 and B1 in your first assessment you will automatically be allocated a language course licence.  If in your first assessment you obtain a higher result than B1, courses are available in the following languages, at the following levels:

LanguagesLanguage Course AvailableLanguage Course Level
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch Yes All levels
Portuguese Yes Up to B2 level
Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish Yes A1 level

If you are not automatically issued with an OLS course licence you can request one by emailing  Please note that we receive a limited number of licences each year - as such they will be issued on a first come, first served basis.