Natural Sciences

  • True Natural Sciences programme covering all sciences with freedom to study your interests
  • Opportunity to be an active participant in research, with an emphasis on scientific methodology
  • Study within a community of internationally respected scientists
  • Contribute to our understanding of critical global issues, finding solutions to the challenges they present
  • Explore and study the world through multiple scientific lenses, identifying the intrinsic links between biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science

Alice, MSci Natural Sciences

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Natural Sciences at a glance

Natural Sciences is a truly mixed scientific degree drawing on Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

By studying across these four complimentary subjects you’ll be able to explore exciting topics that exist at the intersection of traditional disciplines.

These include mathematical and computational biology; materials science and materials chemistry; the science of oceans, atmospheres and climate; astrophysics; and energy research.

Our programmes demand that you think big. They have been developed for students who are not only bright and highly motivated, but who also have open, enquiring minds and are able to think without constraints.

What our students say

Hannah Barnard

“My course has been incredible; my favourite part was doing the research, getting to be part of a real research group and actually making a difference. The academic support has been the best. The course director is amazing and you can go to him at any point with any query.”

Oli Marks

“The positivity of the lecturers in relation to Natural Sciences and the potential progression at the University caused me to choose Exeter. In first year, you experience a range of styles of teaching, the lecturers for Natural Sciences seem to genuinely want to teach us, and want to learn from us in the discussion that inevitably develops in lectures.”

Eleanor Osborne

“Studying Natural Sciences at Exeter has been an amazing experience; I’m so glad that I came here. There are just so many opportunities to branch out and get a really good foundation in all the sciences in your first year.”

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Living Systems Institute (LSI)

A brand-new, world-class building with over 7,500m2 of flexible space.

The LSI facilitates novel, research-led teaching through our established undergraduate Natural Sciences programmes that recruit the very best students each year.
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