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2017 fees

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For UK and EU students starting a new full-time degree in 2017 at the University of Exeter the fee is £9,000. This figure is subject to final approval by OFFA and may be subject to small increments set by the Government each year.

Do I have to pay upfront, and what will the repayments be like?

You will not have to pay for the cost of your tuition up front. You can take out a tuition loan which you don’t have to start repaying until you are earning more than £21,000 a year. Repayment rates on loans will be at 9% of salary over £21,000. The government will meet the cost of writing off any remaining debt after 30 years.

Can I get assistance paying for the fees?

At the University of Exeter we are committed to attracting and supporting the most talented students to the University, irrespective of your financial background. As part of these arrangements, we will be offering financial assistance in the form of reduced fees and bursaries to encourage more applications from less well off students. We also provide expert financial advice and guidance to offer the best practical help and support possible to ensure you are able to make the most of your time at Exeter. Find out more about financial support.

Where can I find out more?

See our frequently asked questions for more information on fees.

Exceptions to the standard tuition fees

  • BSc Medical Imaging (Diagnostic Radiography): The tuition fees will be paid by the NHS*
  • BMBS Medicine: The fee is £9,000 per year for years one to four. In year five the tuition fees will be paid by the NHS*
  • Year Abroad: If you spend a full academic year on an Erasmus study abroad or work placement, or a non-Erasmus study abroad year, you will pay a reduced fee of £1,350 (or 15 per cent of the maximum fee for that year). If you spend a full year on a non-Erasmus work or industrial placement (in the UK or abroad) you will pay a reduced fee of £1,800 (or 20 per cent of the maximum fee for that year).

*assuming current external funding arrangements continue

International and Channel Island students

International students

Please refer to the international students section for details of international student tuition fees and guide to living costs. Emergency financial assistance is available for international students via the Fund for International Student Hardship (FISH). Details can be found by following the link to the International Students section of the Student Finance website.

For further information about how your fee status is determined see the guidance on our Fee Status pages.

Channel Islands/Isle of Man students

Fees for residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man starting their studies in 2015 will be £9,000 per year.

Please visit our Student Finance webpage for Channel Islands students for more information.

Fees: do you have a question?

Visit our frequently asked questions page for further finance information.