Government grants and loans

Alongside the bursaries and scholarships offered by the University of Exeter, there is financial support available from the Government to help cover the costs of living and studying. The figures below relate to financial support for students who are normally resident in England and starting university in 2015. Financial support is also available for students from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and also other EU countries; for further details visit the Gov.UK Student Finance website or the Student Funding pages.

Maintenance grant

Full-time UK students could be eligible for a non-repayable grant to help with living costs depending on household income:

  • If your household income is up to £25,000 you will be entitled to a full grant of £3,387
  • If your household income is between £25,000 and £42,611, you will beentitled to a grant between £50 and £3,387

Maintenance loan

If you are a full-time UK student, you can apply for a loan to help with your living costs in each year of your degree. The amount you get will depend on your household income and the level of grant you receive.

  • A loan of up to £5,555 will be available if you live away from home and study outside London.
  • A larger loan of up to £7,751 will be available if you live away from home and study in London.
  • A loan of up to £4,418 will be available if you live with your parents.

Tuition fee loan

Covers your full tuition fees and means that you will not have to pay undergraduate tuition fees before you start or during your time at university. It is paid direct to the university.

Repaying your loans

You will start to repay your total loan (loan for fees and loan for living costs) after you have graduated and are earning more than £21,000 a year. You then pay back nine per cent of your income over £21,000. The level of interest charged will depend on the amount you earn and the lowest earners will only pay interest at the rate of inflation.

Applications and repayments

Information on applying for funding can be found on the applying for financial support pages.

Information about loan repayments can be found on the repaying your student loan pages.