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To Capitalise on Digital Transformation

Where digital transformation can enhance learning and teaching, enable us to reach new learners, increase efficacy and efficiency, or free us to spend more time on what we most value in learning and teaching, we will seize the opportunities that exist. We will innovate to do so and we will seek to be in the vanguard of imaginative enhancement through digital transformation; however, our approach will not be dictated by technology. Work to support this priority is already underway through the EdTech Exeter Programme. Our objectives in this area are:

  1. Taking an evidence-led approach to seizing opportunities offered by digital transformation
    • Horizon scanning and engaging with external practitioners and providers to ensure that we are aware of new opportunities and innovation;
    • Piloting and evaluating technologies and innovations through the Education Incubator and EdTech Exeter programme to identify potential for further implementation.
  2. Supporting educators to build digital skills in teaching and learning
    • Supporting research into pedagogy and development of the Education-Research Ecosystem through the Education Incubator;
    • Supporting educators to develop digital skills to use the range of tools available to innovate teaching practice and enhance student experience.
  3. Improving processes and systems to create greater efficiency and transparency
    • Focusing on key activities including: assessment marking; assessment workflow management; course information management; quality and standards workflows; course information marketing; online module selection; module change processing;
    • Improving and streamlining processes to give time back to Academic and Professional Services staff, minimising administrative burden;
  4. Ensuring that Digital Transformation is conducive to inclusion, diversity and wellbeing
    • Seeking opportunities to enhance connectedness using technology, though not creating new forms of isolation;
    • Fully evaluating the implications of any new technology or innovation on inclusion, diversity and wellbeing;
    • Providing information and support for staff and students to maximise the benefits of Digital Transformation and protect against misuse.