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Visual identity

The University prides itself on its distinctive visual identity and here in the Design Studio, we work hard to ensure that identity is cohesive across Streatham, St Luke's and Penryn campuses. We aim to create a strong visual image, recognisable globally as ‘Exeter University’ including the use of our logo, fonts, colours and design styles in all materials and communications including brochures, prospectuses, guides, web banners, PowerPoints and exhibition and display materials.

Our experienced team are ready to help you with advice and consultation on your design and layout and how you can maintain Exeter’s visual identity without loss of quality or audience impact.

View the latest version of our Brand book

The logo

The logo is an elegant typographic solution in the Poetica font which makes use of the distinctive letter X in our name.

The principal version is in black with the X in the University’s corporate blue. A mono version and reversed out version are also available – see Downloads.


To ensure that the logo is legible, the minimum size at which the logo can be used is 30mm in width.


The logo should always be ranged left, with top left being the principal position. When the logo is in a contact detail block, eg in posters and invitations it may appear bottom left. No other position is allowed.

To maintain the integrity of the University’s identity the logo must stand in a clear space which is defined by the height of the E. No graphic, photographic or typographic elements must appear within this space.

In this diagram x = height of E.

Use with other logos

Partnerships, sponsorships, accreditations and awards regularly require that the University logo sits alongside one or more other logos which may require an adjustment to our size and positioning rules. Please contact the Design Studio for advice.

Unacceptable usage

The logo should only be reproduced from the master artwork and should never be recreated or altered. In particular:

  • The logo may only be used in its entirety. DO NOT use any part of the logo including the X separately.
  • DO NOT put the logo in a box or other device.
  • DO NOT alter the font or colours.
  • DO NOT alter the proportions of the logo.
  • DO NOT add anything to the logo.
  • DO NOT put the logo on a cluttered background image.
  • Make sure that the logo is visible against the background colour.

Sub-brand logos

Sectors of the University can be designated as official sub-brands if they meet certain criteria relating to, for example, external facing activity, sector requirements and income generation.

Approval has to be given by VCEG and any requests to set up new sub-brands should be sent to Jane Chafer.

For authorised sub-brand logos please see Downloads.


The crest

The Crest conveys a sense of heritage and quality and is retained for certain legal and ceremonial purposes, eg degree certificates and some memorabilia, and it may be used graphically, but not as the main identifying logo, in marketing materials, particularly those for the international market.

The University logo should be used for all internal and external communication and identity purposes. The use of the crest alongside or instead of the University logo is not permitted.


To ensure that the crest is legible, the minimum size at which the full Crest can be used is 20mm deep and, for the line version, 15mm deep. It should only be reproduced from the master artwork. If you require the original artwork of the crest please contact the Design Studio.

PowerPoint presentations

These templates for PowerPoint presentations consist of

  • a series of title slides
  • a series of subsequent slides with different images.

These slides have been designed primarily for colleagues using PowerPoint presentations for promotional activities. The images have been chosen to reflect different aspects of University life. Presenters may choose to use all of the slides or select from those that are appropriate to their subject/audience.

Download the PowerPoint slides

The corporate template is for a wide range of uses, and is generally used for external stakeholders. This is not campus specific.

Two versions are supplied for both Exeter and Cornwall: a standard version (aspect ratio 4:3) and a widescreen version (aspect ratio 16:9). Please select the appropriate template for use with the display you are presenting from. If you are unsure which to use please use the standard version. Either will display correctly but using the correct template will ensure that your presentation displays optimally.

Centrally-supported teaching and meeting rooms on our campuses have a mix of both standard and widescreen displays. For more information about what is available in each room please contact the Learning Spaces Support team in Academic Services via the Self Service Portal.

To save the slides, right-click the link and choose ‘Save As’.

Customised presentations

We would be happy to customise the template for a College or Professional Services Unit subject to there being suitable photos available. If you wish to discuss this please contact the Design Studio.

Email signature

Due to the wide variety of desktop and web browser email programs, a consistent signature can be difficult to achieve. The following guidelines are the University's recommended layout for your signature. 

Automatically generated signature in Outlook

If you use Outlook to access your University emails, you can now apply a new signature that will update the banner on your signature automatically. This will mean your banner will always be in line with the University’s recommended signature, and you will no longer have to update it manually. The system automatically pulls data from the user directory, so only a small amount of customisation will be required. Download the University Outlook email signature instructions

Email signatures in alternative email clients

At present the email signature for alternative email clients to Outlook will not be automated and you will need to updated yours manually. For exact instructions on how to implement this in your email program, please consult your email program's help files.

  • Copy and paste the below signature and edit accordingly.
  • We suggest having your name and contact details at text size 11pt and the disclaimer at text size 8pt.

Including your Pronouns in email signatures

A person’s identity is very important to them. Being mis-identified can be uncomfortable for all parties. Adding your pronouns to your email signature (e.g. she/her, they/them or he/him) is a simple and visible way to show your awareness of the importance of using the correct pronouns and to show your support. If you would like to have these included within your signature we suggest including these below your name and above your job title. For further information please see the pronouns guidance document.

pronouns guidance‌:
Job Title
University of Exeter

Telephone number
Building name, Address line 1, Address line 2, City, County, Postcode‌

This email and any attachment may contain information that is confidential, privileged, or subject to copyright, and which may be exempt from disclosure under applicable legislation. It is intended for the addressee only. If you received this message in error, please let me know and delete the email and any attachments immediately. The University will not accept responsibility for the accuracy/completeness of this email and its attachments.

Social media links

If you would like to have links to your social media channels (ie Facebook, Twitter etc...) we suggest having these as hyperlinks that display below your contact details and above the disclaimer. You can find links to all of the University's social media pages here.