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LGBTQ+ Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance

Policies and Guidance

We believe that inclusivity is everyone's responsibility and that all of our everyday behaviours should create a more inclusive environment. As a team leader, supervisor, teacher, line manager, student, or colleague, you should be aware of your potential to influence others through your own inclusive, supportive and respectful behaviour to ensure this is the norm amongst your team. In addition, you should know about the various policies, advice and support services available. Therefore, we have provided three documents to help with supporting LGBTQ+ staff and students at The University of Exeter:

The Trans Inclusion Booklet - Currently Under Review

This guidance document was written by students, collated by The Student Union at our Penryn Campus in 2018. It is currently being reviewed and updated. If you have any queries in the interim about trans inclusion, please or


LGBTQ+ Inclusion Guidance

This contains quotations from members of staff at the University and gives examples of best practice, and how you can support your colleagues as well as the student body.

Gender Identity and Transitioning Policy

This policy sets out a framework for how the University will support staff who wish to take steps to change the gender they were assigned at birth, or have already done so.

Terminology and language is constantly evolving to better reflect how individuals identify and express themselves. As a result, we review our resources annually and are always happy to receive feedback. If you have any comments or suggestions about how we can improve the resources found on this page, please email the EDI team.

Toilets and Changing Rooms Statement

This is part of the University’s continued institutional commitment to fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all, including people who are trans, non-binary, and intersex.

The University is fully committed to ensuring that its Equality and Diversity Policy is embedded throughout the University and that every member of its staff has the opportunity to work to their full potential, is made welcome, comfortable and has equal access to the services and facilities they are in need of. This includes the basic right of all members of the University community, including visitors, to be able to use the toilet and/or changing facilities in which they feel most comfortable.

Read the statement in full here: Toilets and Changing Facilities Statement

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