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Through the Goonhilly Village Green (GVG) project, artists Sara Bowler and Elizabeth Masterton will work with academics and students at the ESI who are conducting research on Goonhilly Downs, on the Lizard peninsular. Protected by its SSSI status and environmental heritage scheduling, the Downs form a unique landscape, underwritten by a distinctive serpentine geology. The project will provide an opportunity for academics and other specialists to engage with amateur and lay people interested in sharing and exploring diverse bodies of knowledge associated with the Downs, and serve as a temporary centre of cultural activity designed to generate a lasting legacy. A GVG event in 2016 will include formal presentations, public lectures, workshops, guided tours and social activities intended to celebrate this special place.

As artists, Bowler and Masterton make opportunities for new and innovative ways of disseminating research findings and debates, encouraging wider experiential understanding of complex issues. They actively seek to foster discussion between amateur and professional groups, with a view to understanding how Goonhilly Downs and similar sites can be supported and managed in the future. Through a process-based methodology, the aim is to create a rich matrix of inputs for GVG with a view to fostering new and innovative outputs in the future

For background information please see for details of the artists’ earlier project, Happidrome, which presented the work of over 20 artists at the site from 2007-2011.

Sara Bowler - profile

Sara is an artist working with ideas of place and time. She is interested in how the palimpsest of the past continues to influence understanding of activity in selected places. Since 2003, she has regularly worked in remote and non-gallery based locations, making temporary and ephemeral interventions in the landscape. She has a particular interest in working with specialists from non-arts disciplines and values the new forms of understanding that emerge during these exchanges. She is also committed to regular engagement with the wider public, relishing their straightforward and direct observations that serve as a mirror on her work. She has recently completed an extended residency at Plymouth Arts Centre that grew out of a short research project examining the relationship between the artist, audience and host organisation. An immersive exhibition and public soundwalk emerged as a result.

Goonhilly Village Green will enable Sara to continue to work with a range of specialists and the public in developing and delivering a collective examination and celebration of the unique, Goonhilly Downs area.

Please see for further details of her practice.

Elizabeth Masterton - profile

Elizabeth is a visual artist and lecturer in Fine Art. Her practice is characterised by research-led projects, which are frequently place-specific and/or collaborative. These are output by a variety of means. The practice is foregrounded by concepts of fallibility, tenacity, memory and decay. Projects include ‘HAPPIDROME’, an artist-led project based on the Lizard, Cornwall, exploring notions of ‘place’ and testing modes of non-metropolitan art production. ‘Tanks & Tablecloths’ is an ongoing collaborative work mapping the shared terrain of home and war.

For more details on HAPPIDROME, please visit the website:

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