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You said. We did.

You said we did

We are always keen to hear about what we can improve. Here are some examples of your feedback and our responses: 

“Was worried about the group factor at first but this very quickly past

"I'm a bit camera shy - computer conference is new to me"

Where possible, we have introduced hybrid sessions, that allow clients to join in whatever way suits them best

“The evening timeslot made it difficult to fit in along with my children’s' extra-curricular activities”

We alternate between day and evening classes throughout the week, to make the groups as accessable as possible.

We appreciate your feedback. You can collect a feedback form from reception after your first visit to the Service. At the end of you treatment you will be invited to complete a survey on your experience of treatment here. In the meantime you can call or email us with any comments: 01392 723493 /