Dr Danny Steed

Dr Danny Steed is a scholar practitioner specialising in strategy, intelligence, and cyber security. He is currently an independent author and consultant, providing education and consultancy services on a range of topics, including strategic theory, conceptual design and applications, simulation exercises, contemporary warfare and intelligence operations, and cyber security.

His academic background includes a BA in War Studies from King’s College London, MA in Strategic Studies and a PhD in Strategy and Intelligence from the University of Reading, under the supervision of Dr Geoff R. Sloan and Professor Colin S. Gray. At Reading he was a scholarship holder on the Leverhulme-funded Liberal Way of War programme, directed by Professor Alan Cromartie; Palgrave Macmillan subsequently published Danny’s thesis in 2016 under the title of British Strategy and Intelligence in the Suez Crisis.

Danny’s research interests lie in strategic theory, the development of strategic concepts and their practical application, disruptive technologies in warfare, intelligence history and operations, cyber security, and cyber warfare. He is currently writing Cyber Security: A Primer for Taylor and Francis, expected to be available in late-2018 as part of the Modern Security Studies Series.

Immediately after submitting his PhD, Danny was the first academic hire into SSI in 2012; as Lecturer in Strategy and Defence until 2015, he played a central role in the design, creation and delivery of the MA in Applied Security Strategy as well as SSI’s broader undergraduate provision. In 2015, Danny left Exeter to take up a role in operational cyber security in the Cabinet Office for CERT-UK. Danny left the Cabinet Office in late-2016 in order to pursue independent scholarship and consultancy."