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Managing Your Worries During Covid-19

This approach can help you get on top of the different worries you may be having and take back control. The worksheets contained within will help you capture your worries, categories them into those you can do something about and those you can’t, and then help you manage each type of worry. 

If you think this approach is for you:

  • Download the 'Managing Your Worries' Workbook. This will allow you to type into the worksheets.
  • When ready, begin to work through the stages and the worksheets, which you can download individually on the drop-down below if helpful.
  • Remember that you are in control and you can work at a rate that suits you. However, as a minimum people that have used the approaches tell us it is helpful to at least do a bit each day to ‘keep the ball rolling’.   
  • See how you go. Some people find they can work through the approach without any support, but others may find themselves struggling with different stages or just struggling to get through it more generally. If so, no problem! Take a look at the Need Support With This Approach? drop-down below.

Trained Wellbeing Practitioners at the University of Exeter Wellbeing Service with expertise in supporting this approach are ready to offer support if you need it. 

These approaches have been developed to be used on your own. However, if you would like help with any specific part of the approach then support is available; please read this Getting Support If You Need It‌ document which explains how to get in touch with us. 

You are asking a lot of yourself by using this approach during this difficult time, and at times you may simply want to give up. However, it’s likely your Wellbeing Practitioner has seen it all before and will be able to help you through if needed. Once again, please do get in touch, as we may also be able to link you up with a wide range of other support services available to help you at the University of Exeter.

What If I Notice Things Don't Improve?

Based on success within the NHS, we strongly believe that using these approaches will help you better manage your current challenges. However, if you do not feel that these approaches have benefitted you, please contact Wellbeing Services at to arrange an appointment.

If you feel you may need more urgent support, please click here.

If you feel you may need more urgent support, please click here.