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Emotional and Mental Health Support

If you would like to speak to a qualified practitioner about something that is affecting your mental and emotional health, you can contact us to book a 20 minute drop-in with the Wellbeing team. This is a short conversation where you will be able to outline your concerns to a practitioner and discuss best next steps. 

Please be aware that a drop-in is not suitable for urgent or emergency situations, and if you feel unsafe and/or feel you need more immediate support we would strongly recommend you follow the urgent support options available to you.

If you are presently studying abroad please book a Single Advice Session Request Form, as the most effective way to access your support.

Students on our Cornwall campuses are advised to contact their Support and Wellbeing service.

To arrange an online or in person drop-in, please:

  1. Complete this short form to help the practitioner prepare for your appointment.
  2. Once you have completed the form, please check your university email for a link to book your online or in person appointment via SID online.

Online Appointments - will be offered via Teams video call unless telephone preference is stated, but you can choose to have your camera off if you would prefer.

In Person Appointments - will be offered on Streatham Campus at either Reed Mews Wellbeing Centre, Wellbeing at Mardon Hill, or Reed Hall Hailey Wing. Please check the location when booking your appointment and report to the relevant building's wellbeing reception 5 minutes before your drop-in start time. The Streatham campus map can be found HERE.

Our drop-in appointments take place Monday - Friday 09:00-16:00, and are released up to 7 days in advance. We aim to offer an appointment within 3 working days of your request but please be aware that, at busy times or where this doesn't fit with your timetable, we cannot guarantee this. There is always 24/7 support available via Togetherall which you can access online with your university email address.

If you have any concerns about completing the form or want to discuss booking an appointment, please contact Wellbeing Services on 01392 724381 or email and one of our team will be able to help you.

If you are concerned about your immediate safety or experiencing a mental health crisis, our Urgent Support pages will help you access the right support for you circumstances.

Wellbeing Services work closely with TALKWORKS, a free and confidential talking therapy service provided by Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

The TALKWORKS team offer support for mental health difficulties including depression and anxiety. They can share tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

They have also created a Student Only Wellbeing Workshop page.

You do not need a referral from your doctor to access this support, but you do need to be in the local Devon area for your assessment and registered with a Devon-based GP/doctor’s surgery; lots of students register with the Student Health Centre on Streatham campus or with a GP close to their accommodation.

If you would prefer to remain registered with your GP in your home town, you can search for alternative NHS psychological therapies services here.

TALKWORKS can help if:

  • you feel low or anxious
  • the way you are feeling is affecting your daily life
  • you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings
  • you are struggling to cope

How to book an appointment

To find out more and request an appointment online please visit the TALKWORKS website.

Where will my appointment take place?

TALKWORKS currently offer initial assessment appointments and follow up sessions on the telephone or through video consultations​.

Under normal circumstances, appointments are offered at a variety of locations across Devon. These can include Streatham Campus or Compass House, which is located opposite our St Luke’s campus. 

Wherever you access support, remember that Wellbeing Services are here for you and specifically set up to help you as an Exeter student. 

Remember, you are welcome to access support from Wellbeing Services and TALKWORKS simultaneously.


If your mental or physical health or wellbeing is having an effect on your ability to study, or your studying is creating health problems for you, then we recommend speaking to our helpful and experienced Education Welfare Team.

The Education Welfare Team can help with worries about your academic progress, due to a health or wellbeing difficulty.

You can book an online appointment at a time and date that suits you online here.