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We've developed these workbooks specifically for students at the University of Exeter. The topics cover common issues which may arise during students' time at University. The techniques described in the booklets are based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. 

Exam Stress

It can be hard to ask for help when you are feeling stressed with exams - here are some first steps towards tackling the problem.


This booklet is aimed at any student who struggles with self-confidence and social interactions.

Busting the Blues

These workbooks give you the tools and information to help you tackle low mood.

Better Sleep

Learn how important sleep can be to your all-round health, and what you can do to improve yours.


Putting things off can be a hard habit to break. This workbook helps you break down why you might do this, and set smart, achievable goals in the future.

Chasing perfection

How do you know if you're pushing yourself too hard in the pursuit of success? Learn to recgnise the fine line between a challenge and self-defeating aims, whether in your studies or your personal life.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks manifest in many different ways, and can be debilitating. Find out methods of recognising your triggers, and breaking the vicious circle of attacks. 


How does stress affect you, and what can you do to reduce it's symptoms?


It presents in many forms, from generalised anxiety to very specific triggers, but these workbooks can help you get a handle on your anxiety.