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You can talk to someone

The Wellbeing team offer a safe and confidential space for advice and support on a wide range of personal and emotional concerns.  Talking about what is worrying you or how you have been feeling can help your stay in good mental health and deal with times when you are troubled. Just being listened to and saying what’s been going on to someone else, can help you feel supported and less alone.

We have a range of teams at Exeter who can offer advice and support on concerns affecting your wellbeing and mental health, plus teams who specialise in academic and disability support. Find out more about what we can offer and who else you can talk to below.

If you are studying abroad or on a placement outside the UK, Wellbeing Services can offer you support via a Single Advice Session (SAS). If you are a Cornwall student, please contact the Wellbeing team for Cornwall campuses, as we are only able to support students studying on Exeter campuses.

Talk to a wellbeing practitioner about your mental or emotional health

Speak to a qualified wellbeing practitioner about something that is affecting your mental and emotional health. We can offer appointments in person, by video call and over the phone.

Disability support including arranging teaching and exam adjustments

Information and advice for students with a disability or long term health condition. Includes specific learning difficulties, long term health conditions, sensory or mobility impairments, autism spectrum conditions and mental health difficulties. Book an appointment here.

Academic Welfare Support

If your health, wellbeing or circumstances are effecting your ability to study or your studying is creating health problems for you, then our helpful and experienced Education Welfare Advisors are available to talk to you in a confidential and non-judgemental way about any issues you feel you may need support with. 

Residence Life

The Residence Life Team are here to provide guidance to students in University accommodation, on everything from academic concerns to flatmate disputes.

Student Guild

The Guild supports Student-run Societies for a vast range of interests, and also helps students through the mitigation process.