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Talks and Activities

During term time, the Education Welfare Team and Wellbeing Services run a number of talks and activities, on our campuses and online. These activities are often run in conjunction with our Residence Life team and the Student Guild. See below for details of events coming up in Freshers' Week and Term 1.

Wellbeing x Movember

There is a strong tradition among our students of raising significant funds for Movember, and in 2020 our students’ efforts were recognised with a special Movember award

As important as the fundraising is the awareness raising about mental health issues among men, who are traditionally less likely to seek help. We encourage any student who needs support to contact our wellbeing services in Devon and in Cornwall.’

If you don't fancy growing a moustache for charity, we are putting on some events throughout this month to compliment the student initiatives – including a Wellbeing Fair and Paws for a Chat with Scout the Therapy Dog. There will also be the chance to take part in a Lego Serious Play session. We’re finalising the events at the moment and you’ll find details below and booking links as soon as they are available. Look forward to seeing all of our Mo Bros and Mo Sisters at these events soon!




Event Description Location Booking required?
Week 7 Wednesday 9 November,
2:30- 3:30pm

Wellbeing Webinar: Procrastination

We all put off tasks at times in favour of doing more interesting things; it is estimated that this is an issue for 75-95% of students. However, leaving work until the last minute can be problematic, resulting in us feeling stressed, missing a deadline or getting a lower grade than we hoped for. This workshop aims to help you understand procrastination better and will provide you with a number of techniques based on the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. Prepare to motivate yourself to stop delaying the study you need to do.

Online  Yes: please email
Week 7 Wednesday 9 November, 11.00am - 3.00pm

Wellbeing x Movember

Wellbeing Fair

Come along to our Wellbeing Fair in the Forum. You’ll be able to find out more about University and other external services who provide local wellbeing support and advice, including local NHS services and our own Wellbeing Services

 Forum Street  No
Week 8

Tuesday 15 November

7.00pm - 8.30pm

Wellbeing x Movember

Residence Life Movember Quiz Night 


Spreytonway multi-use room.   No
Week 8

Tuesday 15 November

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Wellbeing x Movember

Residence Life Movember Crafting Night 

Cornwall House Residence Life Room  No
Week 8 Wednesday 16 November,
2:30- 3:30pm

Wellbeing Webinar: Go to bed and get some sleep

Having a healthy sleeping pattern is very important for overall wellbeing, however many people have difficulties with sleeping and feeling tired. Being a student this can be very frustrating. This workshop also aims to give you a number of different techniques and strategies based on the cognitive behavioural therapy approach to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

Online  Yes: please email
Week 8

Thursday 17 November

Wellbeing x Movember

Walk 4 Wellbeing

This is an informal opportunity, led by wellbeing and chaplaincy staff, to walk the grounds of the campus with others and benefit from the positive effects of being in nature. 

Here to Help Desk,  Streatham Library entrance No
Week 8

Friday 18 November

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Wellbeing x Movember

Exeter University MOlympics!
The Wellbeing Camper Van will be at this special Movember AU event – look out for us there!

EUAC has teamed up with the AU and the Movember team to host an AU wide event made up of sports-day type games and track races! (Who is the fastest club on campus???). To enter, you must purchase an individual competitor ticket - see booking link.

Arena Park, Whipton  Yes: Booking here
Week 9 Wednesday 23 November

Planning and keeping on track with your work: Education Welfare and StudyZone workshop

Are you finding it hard to keep up with your work? Wondering why you’re having difficulties meeting deadlines?

Our short in-person workshop will help you with some proven techniques on how to plan your work and manage deadlines. We will also signpost you to some on-line resources that you can access at any time to support you, as well as look at what has worked for other students.

 Places are limited so please let us know if you’re coming.

 Peter Chalk 2.4  Yes - email
Week 9 Wednesday 23 November,
2:30- 3:30pm

Wellbeing Webinar: Over
coming panic attacks

Panic attacks are very intense peaks in anxiety that come on very quickly and can last up to ten minutes. When having a panic attack people report symptoms such as increased heart rate or palpitations; chest pain; shortness of breath; dizziness; and feeling disorientated. The experience can be very unpleasant and can have a big effect on your day to day life. This workshops helps you deal with strategies to prevent this. This workshop aims to give you more information about panic attacks so you can better understand what is happening to your body. It also provides a number of techniques to help you overcome panic attacks based on the cognitive behavioural therapy approach.

Online  Yes: please email
Week 9

Wednesday 23 November

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Wellbeing x Movember

Residence Life Movember Moustache Cookies Baking Night 

  Yes: Booking here.
Week 9

Thursday 24 November, 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Wellbeing x Movember

A Mo-ment with Lego: Let’s Build, Lets’ Talk

Lego Play activities can stimulate helpful and supportive conversations. This session is in person and open to all students up to a maximum of 20 participants – see booking link for more details. 

 Seminar Room 5 , The Forum  YEs: Booking here
Week 10 Monday 28 November, 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Wellbeing x Movember

A Mo-ment with Lego: Let’s Build, Lets’ Talk - ONLINE

Lego Play activities can stimulate helpful and supportive conversations. This session is in person and open to all students up to a maximum of 10 participants – see booking link for more details. We will post out a Lego kit to you.

 Online  Yes: Booking here 
Week 10 Tuesday 29 November, 12.00pm - 1.00pm

PGR Welfare Coffee Morning

Staff House, St Luke's campus No
Week 10 Wednesday 30 November,
2:30- 3:30pm
Wellbeing Webinar: Exam Stress

Doing exams can be a very difficult process, you may have a lot of pressure to do well and this can lead to high levels of stress. A certain amount of stress is helpful for doing exams but too much stress can actually impede your performance. Problems with sleep, fatigue, headaches and tension are some of the effects stress can have on our bodies. All these problems may affect our ability to concentrate and make it difficult for us to reach our full potential with our work. This workshop aims to give you techniques to decrease stress around exams and enable you to perform better as a result.

Online  Yes: please email
Week 10 Wednesday 30 November, 11.00am - 3.00pm Wellbeing x Movember

Movember MOT with Man Down
Come and see us on Social Street in the Compass Building at Penryn campus where we will be joined by Man Down to offer you a Wellbeing MOT!
Stannary, Penryn Campus No
Week 10 Wednesday 30 November, 2-4pm

Wellbeing & Careers: Top Tips for Finding a Job Workshop

Delivered by Wellbeing Services and Career Zone, this workshop provides information and support to help with the process of finding a job whether it’s your first career job or a summer holiday job, part time student job, etc.

Themes of resilience, stress management, self awareness, interviews will be discussed alongside strategies to help secure the best job for you.

If you are interested in attending please e-mail Please note the workshop is in person and there are limited numbers.

 In Person  Yes: please email
Week 10 Friday 2 December, 10.30am - 11.30am

Education Welfare Team at the Intercultural Café

Organised by International Student Support, these sessions are a great opportunity to meet new people, and celebrate our different cultures and diverse backgrounds. Different teams will be there to chat informally to students, answer questions and offer a range of activities to join in with. The Education Welfare Team will be taking part, so come over and join us, where you can enjoy making celebration cards, as well as chat about the importance of wellbeing, making connections and keeping in contact with family back home. We can also provide helpful advice and information about support services that the university provides. You may even find some free hot drinks and pastries!

Cross Keys, St Luke's Campus No
Week 11

Monday 5 December,

Wellbeing & Careers: Disclosing a Disability to an Employer Webinar

This webinar will be run by Career Zone, AccessAbility and Wellbeing services. It will be most helpful if you have a disability that fits the criteria in the Equality Act, or think you may have. Some of you may have ILPs and have disclosed to the University.

We will discuss disclosing a disability to an employer, why it can be helpful, how to do it, what difficulties there may be as well as how to find a supportive employer.


Online Yes: please email
Week 11

Friday 9 December, 12.00pm - 2.00pm

Festive Crafting Workshop with Education Welfare Team

Come along and make some cost effective presents for friends and family

Library Foyer, Streatham No
Week 12

Tuesday 13 December, 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Hot Chocolate and Chat at Exehale

A warm and cosy chat with a hot drink - come and talk to us about any worries you're having around exam revision or assignment deadlines. 

Exehale, Devonshire House No