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Our offer and decision

For undergraduate full-time applications, we will write to inform you of our decision but the official offer and specific conditions will be communicated to you by UCAS. If you have supplied an email address you will receive these communications electronically via UCAS Track.

If we receive a large number of applications, we may not be able to make an offer to all those who are predicted to achieve our typical offer. We may then need to consider additional academic achievements alongside the personal statement in deciding whether we are able to make an offer. 

When you will receive your offer

The University operates a ‘gathered field’ procedure whereby applications received between September and January will be considered but a decision may not be conveyed until the end of January or later. Where this procedure is operated, candidates will be informed accordingly. Decisions on applications submitted by 15 January will normally be made by the end of March. On occasion it is not however possible for us to make all decisions by this date and it may take a little longer where we have applications (received by 15 January equal consideration deadline) where information is required to make a decision, interviews are taking place, or application numbers have increased.

Our offer

It is very important that you read carefully the terms of your offer as communicated to you via UCAS to ensure that you know how to go about meeting any academic and non-academic conditions. If you are unsure about anything, please contact our Admissions team for clarification. Remember that the official offer is only that which we communicate to you through UCAS.

Typical offer

Our ‘Typical Offer’, including any grades in specific subjects, is shown in the Entry Requirements section in the individual programme pages. Whilst the majority of offers will normally be made within the publicised typical grade range, the University may of occasions make offers below the publicised typical offer range for reasons of merit. Our offers are normally expressed in terms of GCE A level grades or International Baccalaureate (IB) points.


Offers may also be conditional on other, non-academic, conditions such as the receipt of an Enhanced DBS check or Occupational Health clearance which is deemed satisfactory by the University.

Our offer may be Unconditional or Conditional:

  • Unconditional offers are only made to students who have already achieved all the conditions for entry to their chosen course.
  • Conditional offers: Most offers will be based upon the portfolio of qualifications being taken in Year 13 or the last year of secondary education, and will normally be conditional upon achievement in three A Levels or equivalent qualifications, and any subject requirements.

In some instances we require a grade in a specific subject that is lower than the grades in the required grade range. For example, we may be looking for AAA at A-level but only require a B in a specific subject. In these cases, if you are taking four A-levels you could meet the terms of the offer by getting AAA in three A-levels and a B in the specific subject.

Below is an example of this type of offer:

Grades AAA at A-Level in 3 subjects but excluding General Studies. A level Biology at Grade B if not included in your AAA at A-level

If you receive this type of offer* you can meet the offer by either of the two options below:

  1. Gaining AAA at A-level in 3 subjects but excluding General Studies including an A in Biology
  2. Gaining AAA at A-level in 3 subjects but excluding General Studies plus a B in Biology

*For programmes where this is the case you will receive an offer like the one above even if you are only taking three A-levels in which case the only way you can meet the offer is by Option 1. above.

We do not specify unit grades within our conditional offers. However, we may use unit grades when examination results are published to decide whether we are able to confirm a place for those applicants who have not quite achieved the grades required.

Although AS grades taken in Year 12 are not normally part of a conditional offer, in some cases AS level performance is taken into account in determining whether or not an offer is made. Applicants will not be at a disadvantage if AS units have not been certified.

Offer holder visit days

If we make you an offer and you have not had to attend an interview, individual Colleges/departments will invite you to attend an Offer-Holder Visit Day, which will give you the chance to find out more about your course and department and decide whether to accept our offer. Offer-Holder Visit Days take place during the period February and March.

Alternative offers

If we are unable to make you an offer for the original programme for which you applied (this could be due to competition for places or because you do not meet the exact entrance requirements) the University reserves the right to make you an offer on an alternative programme or the same programme on a different campus (we offer some programmes at our Exeter campuses; Streatham and St. Lukes, and also at our Penryn Campus in Cornwall – offers for the Penryn Campus will be highlighted by the campus code C).

If you are being considered for an alternative programme you will be contacted in relation to this via email, you have the right to decline this offer at which point your original application will be made unsuccessful. 

If an alternative offer is made and accepted, at confirmation consideration for change of programme back to your original programme choice will only be made if your meet the requirements and there are places available. All request must be put in writing via our online contact form.

Feedback on your application

You can receive a summary of why your application was deemed unsuccessful via the UCAS online system, in addition you will receive an email confirming the reason you have not received an offer. If you want further information regarding our decision please contact the Admissions team. Find further information on our feedback policy.

OfS transparency return

The information published on these pages shows:

  • The number of applications for admission on to recognised, undergraduate higher education courses that we have received from UK domiciled applicants.
  • The number of offers we have made in relation to those applications.
  • The number of those offers accepted and the number of those who have registered with us.
  • The number of students who attained a particular degree or other academic award, or a particular level of such an award, on completion of their course with us.

It also shows these numbers by reference to:

  • The gender of the individuals to which they relate
  • Their ethnicity
  • Their socio-economic background.

It is important to note that the data presented has not been contextualised. This means, for example, that you will not be able to see from this data how many of those applying to courses met the entry criteria. It is also the case that universities and colleges will often receive many more applications than they have spaces on courses and so offer rates will necessarily be lower than application rates in those circumstances.

Download: Ofs Transparency Return.xlsx

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