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Summer Schools and Short Programmes

Summer Schools and Short Programmes

If a year or semester abroad are not the right options for you, a Summer School or Short Programme can help you develop transferrable skills and gain valuable experience. Identified below are some summer schools to consider, offered by some of the world's top universities. However, students are not confined to participating in these summer schools.  We encourage you to review the following list of summer schools and short programmes and contact the Global Opportunities Team to discuss your options. In light of COVID-19 many Summer Schools are moving online - below you will find a list of some of our partner's Summer Schools, those of which with online options have been updated to reflect this. Please bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list, and there may well be other programmes which are better suited to your individual interests.  

The Summer School Study Abroad Handbook contains information ranging from how to identify the best programme for you to safety resources available to you while you are away. 



Further information

Fudan University

Summer School @ School of Economics

Dates: 6 June - 1 July 2022

English-taught program with 16 courses covering economics, finance, management, data science, history and sociology. Mixture of online and offline classes.

Cost: CNY 28,600 + admin fee

Deadline: May 15th

Shanghai International
Studies University

 SISU Chinese Culture Summer Programme 2022

Dates: 11 July - 22 July 2022

International students in this two-week program will attend a series of well-knit lectures all delivered in English. International students and SISU students will work together in the program toward a better understanding of China, Chinese culture and how they relate to the world. Students will receive an official certificate upon the completion of all the coursework.

Cost: Limited tuition waived places available - APPLY HERE

Deadline: Midnight April 10th


Hong Kong


Further information


International Summer School 

Dates: 13 June - 16 August 2022

PolyU is offering a Leadership Academy and Summer School with three tracks:
1. Chinese Language, Culture and Society
2. Design, Innovation and Technology
3. Business, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

Cost: Dependent on track/courses taken

Deadline: March 15th

Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology

International Summer Exchange Program 

Dates: 20 June - 13 August 2022

3-9 credits of undergraduate courses, local excursions and cultural activities also organised for students.

Cost: HK$9500

Deadline: March 1st

Chinese University of Hong Kong

International Summer School [ONLINE]

Dates: 27 June - 2 August 2022

14 courses in four academic areas and Chinese language taught by CUHK and visiting professors from overseas universities. Virtual cultural activities also arranged for students.

Cost: Check website

Deadline: Check website




Further information

Kyoto University

Amgen Scholars Program 

Dates: 7 June - 6 August 2022

22 slots will be offered to undergraduate students to undertake laboratory work and gain research knowledge, as well as the opportunity to networtk with other students and professionals. Students will also participate in workshops, cultural and educational activities, as well as a three-day Asia Symposium.

Cost: Paid for by host

Deadline: February 1st

Doshisha Women's College

Japanese Language Immersion Course

Term A: 16 May - 10 June 2022
Term B: 20 June - 15 July 2022

Introductory Japanese language courses to female students whose first language is not Japanese. Field trips and cultural activities will also be arranged as part of the course.

Cost: JPY 135,000/term

Deadline: February 25th

Akita International University

Summer Program [ONLINE]

Dates: 15 June - 26 July 2022

Elementary Japanese program which teaches Japanese language and culture.

Cost: JPY 335,000

Deadline: April 4th




Further information

Singapore Management University

SMU Global Summer Programme 

Dates: 27 June - 22 July

Read up to two courses on economics, Asian history, politics and management over four weeks, gathering new insights in Asia.

Cost: See application guidance on website

Deadline: April 10th

Nanyang Technical University

GEM Trailblazer Summer Program

Dates: 15 June - 16 July (options for 2, 4 or 6 week programmes)

Choose from five different tracks, including:
1. Language and Cultural Studies
2. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
3. Creative Design and Media
4. Success in the Globalised Marketplace
5. New Technologies, New World

Cost: See application website

Deadline: March 31st


South Korea


Further information

Yonsei University

Yonsei International Summer School

Dates: 28 June - 21 July (or until 4 August with extended program)

Choose from a range of courses including Business, Economics, Korean Studies & Language, Science & Technology and Social Sciences. 

Cost: See application on website

Deadline: May 13th (Early Bird Reward until April 22nd)

Seoul National University

SNU International Summer Program

Dates: 27 June - 30 July

Over 40 courses available including Korean Studies, International Studies, Engineering, Economics & Business, Korean Language and Music & Fine Arts. Field trips and cultural activites also arranged.

Cost: See 'fees' page on website

Deadline: May 28th





Further information

University of Sydney

2022 Short Term Program

Dates: June - July 2022 (3, 5 or 6 week programmes available)

Two units of study in STEM, Arts, Humanities and Business.

Cost: TBA

Deadline: TBA

University of Sydney

Sydney Sustainability Program

Dates: 20 June - 8 July 2022

Credit-bearing coursework on sustainability, alongside a series of challenges and exclusive workshops structured around five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with completion resulting in a Digital Badge.

Cost: AUD $3075

Deadline: Send enquiries and applications to



Further information

University of British Columbia

Vancouver Summer Program

4 June - 4 July 2022
16 July - 16 August 2022

Taking two courses in Mechanical Engineering, Arts, Business, Education, Land & Food Systems, Medicine or the Sciences, with a mix of practical and theoretical learning.

Cost: See programme website

June programme: March 11th
July programme: April 1st

University of Victoria

Gustavson School of Business International Summer Institute for Business Management

3 July - 26 July 2022
3 August - 22 August 2022

3 or 4 week summer program that provides students with a fundamental understanding of the business skills and tools needed to succeed in today's global marketplace.

Cost: Approx. CA$4600

July programme: June 10th
August programme: July 15th

HEC Montreal

Business French Summer School (BFSS)

Dates: 11 July - 5 August 2022

4-week intensive program focusing on professional French, offering beginner to advanced level classes. Also uincldues company visits, accommodation and sociocultural activities.

Cost: See programme website

Deadline: June 17th

University of Alberta

International Summer Program

Dates: 10 July - 5 August 2022

4-week programme combining sustanability and cultural studies with time for exploration, relaxation and fun.

Cost: TBA

Deadline: TBA

University of Calgary

Calgary International Summer Program

Dates: 27 June - 22 July 2022

4-week program for international students with either English + Academic or just Academic courses on offer. Program package includes socio-cultural activities, learning materials, use of UCalgary campus facilities and on-campus accommodation.

Cost: CA $3700-4500

Deadline: Rolling




Further information

 University of South Florida

Summer @ USF

Dates: July and August 2022

Choose from a range of USF courses as a non-degree seeking student, with transferrable credits to your home university.

Cost: TBA

Deadline: April 25th

UC Berkeley 

UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

Dates: Dependent on program

UC Berkeley is offering 6 different summer programmes with over 600 classes to choose from.

Cost: See 'international fees' section on website

Deadline: Dependent on program

Washington University
in St Louis

Summer Session

Dates: TBA

College of Arts & Sciences gives students the opportunity to explore, innovate and immerse themselves in rich academic experiences. 

Cost: TBA

Deadline: TBA

William & Mary

Summer Academic Sessions

Session 1: 31 May - 1 July 2022
Session 2: 5 July - 5 August 2022
Session 3: 31 May - 5 August 2022

Each summer William & Mary offers 180 courses in summer sessions - students will benefit from smaller class sizes and closer working relationships with faculty and their peers.

Cost: See programme website

Deadline: Applications due at least 10 days before the start of classes

The New School

United Nations Summer Study


3 program options for understanding the United Nations system and preparation for international careers. UNSS takes you beyond a narrow focus on security & diplomacy to investigate human rights, peacekeeping, environmental & reform issues and more. 

Cost: Dependent on program

Deadline: Rolling



Further information

 Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Short Thematic Programs

Dates: July 2022

3-week programmes offered for Business and Economy, Engineering and Science, Management and International Relations courses, complemented with site visits and cultural activities. 

Cost: Contact university

Deadline: Rolling

 Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Intensive Spanish Program (ISP)

Dates: July 2022

Spend 1 or 2 weeks in Chile learning Spanish, with courses offered for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced speakers. In-class workshops and site visits included in the course.

Cost: Contact university

Deadline: Rolling

Tecnologico de Monterrey

ITESM Summer School

Dates: Summer 2022

Spend 4-5 weeks in Mexico learning about the culture, participating in research projects, understanding Mexican business culture and learning Spanish.

Cost: Tuition fee waived - students must pay the cost of accommodation and living

Deadline: Rolling




Further information

Universitat Vien

European and International Studies 2022 Program

Dates: 16 July - 13 August 2022

Enjoy 4 weeks of European Studies and cultural exchange, with courses in law, politics, economics, history and German. Live and study with students and proefessors from around the world and take part in recreational and cultural events.

Cost: $2050

Deadline: April 30th 

University of Graz

Graz International Summer School

Dates: 3 - 16 July 2022

Two-week summer school for internationally-oriented, highly motivated students from all disciplines who wish to deepen their understanding of European and international affairs at Seggau Castle.

Cost: EUR 1500

Deadline: March 14th




Further information

University of Antwerp

Antwerp Summer University

Dates: Ranging from June - September 2022: check individual summer school for specific dates

The University of Antwerp offers multiple summer schools on a variety of courses, including Nursing, Vaccinology, Children's Literature, Innovation, Legal Technology and Sustainability & Fashion.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: Course dependent




Further information

Technical University of Denmark

International Summer University

2 - 23 June 2022
4 - 22 July 2022
1 - 19 August 2022

Choose from 200 different courses in Sciences and Engineering and earn up to 5 ECTS per term. Students can also participate in design-build projects, research immersion courses or graduate courses. 

Cost: Programme dependent

Deadline: March 1st

Aarhus University

AU Summer University

4 - 22 July 2022
25 July - 12 August 2022

Courses in a diverse number of academic areas, including Media, Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Law and Management.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: March 21st




Further information

Sciences Po

2022 University Programme [ONLINE ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE]

7 June - 1 July 2022
4 - 29 July 2022

Study Social Sciences, French Language or both at Sciences Po - both academic tracks are offered in each session alongside cultural activities.

Cost: Approx. EUR 2000-4000

Deadline: March 17th

Kedge Business School

Kedge International Summer School
(Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris)

Dates: 6 June - 22 July 2022

5 programme packages with 11 courses in each, including Sports Marketing, Design, Entrepreneurship, Global Finance & Business and Ethics/Sustainability. Summer schools offered in Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris.

Cost: EUR 1000 per course or EUR 1800 for a 2-week package

Deadline: April 30th

Grenoble Ecole de Management

International Summer School

16 - 27 May 2022 (Geneva)
30 May - 10 June 2022 (Paris)

4-week summer program in Small & Family Business, International Marketing and French language/culture. 10 ECTS credits offered.

Cost: EUR 4450

Deadline: Rolling

INSA Rennes

INSA-ENSAI Summer School

Dates: 31 May - 28 June 2022

Intensive courses in French Language and cultural studies, learning about France and it's culture whilst learning how to speak the language.

Cost: Approx. EUR 1000 or free to students studying at Exeter

Deadline: February 15th

Audenica Business School, Nantes

Summer Programme

Dates: 16 May - 8 July 2022

Courses in Finance, Economics, Business, Marketing and more.

Cost: See programme brochure

Deadline: April 1st




Further information

Technical University of Munich

TUM School of Management
International Summer School

Dates: 18 - 29 July 2022

Two weeks of Business, Management and Sustainable Entrepreneurship classes with interactive activities and group work.

Cost: EUR 1790-1990

Deadline: May 31st

Mannheim University


Dates: 27 June - 22 July 2022

Various courses on offer including Entrepreurship and Innovation, AI in Business, Big Data & Analytics and Sustainability & Ecological Awareness.

Offline: EUR 990-3500 (dependent on courses)
Online: EUR 490-1700 (dependent on courses)

Deadline: April 29th

Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich

Munich International Summer University (MISU)

Dates: July and August 2022 (dependent on course)

Wide array of summer courses in Economics & Communications, Law, Natural Science and Social & Political Sciences.

Cost: See programme website

Early bird: March 1st
Regular: May 1st

Hamburg University

Hamburg International Summer School

Dates: 11 July - 5 August 2022

Health Economics

Language Diversity

Particles, Strings and Cosmology

Cost: Dependent on programme, students from Exeter receive a 20% discount on tuition. 

There is one tuition waived space on the Particles, Strings and Cosmology programme available. To be considered for this placement before the 10th April please submit an application here. 

Deadline: Opens on 23rd February 2022

Maastricht University

Maastricht Summer School

Dates: Multiple periods from June to August 2022

Courses in all major traditional focus areas, including Arts, Business & Economics, Law & Politics, Sciences and Social Sciences.

Cost: See course for details

Deadline: June 1st


Bachelor European Summer Program [ONLINE ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE] 

Dates: 29 May - 17 June 2022

Three-week course on 'The Business, Political, and Cultural Environment in Europe' on the Vallendar campus. Offers a targeted and compact insight into international business in Europe, focusing on the political and economic environment in Europe and the impact on business relations in this region. 

Cost: Dependent on home university and course

Deadline: March 15th

Konstanz University

Summer School on Social Gaming [ONLINE & OFFLINE]

Dates: Online classes from April to June, and a week in-person at the University of Konstanz from 24 - 30 July 2022

Students interested in research on digital games will cooperate and explore the potential of (online) gaming in theory and practice and apply the knowledge in co-creative gaming sessions alongside experts in game development, design and production.

Cost: See costs on application document

Deadline: February 20th




Further information

CIEE (Dublin)

Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

Dates: 4 weeks in June/July 2022

Fully-funded summer study program in Dublin focused on leadership, activism and cross-cultural understanding.

Cost: Fully funded

Deadline: February 14th 




Further information

LUISS - Libera Univesita
Internazionale defli Studi Sociali

Summer University

Dates: TBA

Courses in international management, marketing, political science, economics, finance and sport management.

Cost: TBA

Deadline: TBA

Venice International University

VIU Summer School

Dates: Dependent on course, from May - September 2022

Intensive programs focus on globally-relevant, specific themes, including: sustainable development, the preservation of cultural heritage, and the challenges facing the world due to ageing populations. Interdisciplonary schools will disseminate knowledge and establish research networks in the VIU community. 

Cost: Dependent on course

Deadline: Dependent on course




Further information

University of Groningen

University of Groningen Summer Schools

Dates: Multiple dates from June - August 2022

The University of Groningen offers a broad variety of research-driven and interdisciplinary summer schools in all major disciplines.

Cost: Check specific programme

Deadline: March 1st - May 1st: check your individual summer school

VU Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam Summer School

Dates: July - August 2022

Enrol in VU Amsterdam Summer School to gain study credits, expand your knowledge and build your international network. Variety of courses offered in all major subject areas.

Cost: Dependent on course

Deadline: Rolling

Tilburg University

Online Summer School: Justice for victims of conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking?

Dates: 11th - 22nd July 2022

We are proud to present to you Impact’s 6th annual Summer School on Justice for victims of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence (6 ECTS). From 11-22 July, online, i.c.w. Tilburg University Outreaching Honors Program. For bachelor and master students from all disciplines. This is an intensive two-week program of interactive lectures with group assignments. 

Cost: €1000 with no discount. Students from Exeter will receive a 10% discount on application as students from a partner institution. 

Deadline: 17th June 2022


Spain and Portugal


Further information

Universidad Pontifica Comillas

UPC Summer Courses

6 June - 1 July 2022
27 June - 22 July 2022

Classes in Business Management, European and International Law, Marketing, Management and Ethics. The courses have a duration of 90 hours with teaching in Spanish and English, as well as cultural/professional visits.

Cost: Approx. EUR 1455

Deadline: April 8th

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Summer School of Economics and Business

Dates: 27 June - 22 July 2022

The SSEB program is divided into the Economics Track or Business Track, or students can follow a Mixed Track. 

Cost: EUR 974-1999 (dependent on courses taken)

Early bird: February 28th
Regular: May 31st

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change

Dates: 11 - 22 July 2022

Join an exclusive 2-week study program that offers a multidisciplinary course tackling climate change.

Cost: EUR 974-1399 (dependent on credits)

Early bird: February 28th
Regular: May 31st or June 14th (depending on credits taken)

Bocconi University 

Summer School for International University Students

Dates: 27 June - 15 July 2022

Courses include Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Financing, Business Strategy and Luxury Management on campus in Milan.

Cost: Approx. EUR 1400

Deadline: Rolling

Bocconi University

Summer School in Law [ONLINE]

Dates: 4 - 9 July 2022

Online interactive lessions with systemic use of Socratic methods, online hands-on practical classes, research, group work and debate.

Cost: Approx. EUR 680

Deadline: April 29th - 17th May (dependent on application round)

University of Coimbra

Summer School of Portugese Language and Culture

Dates: 20 June - 22 July 2022

Beginner, intermeditate and advanced level Portugese classes.

Cost: EUR 560

Deadline: June 5th




Further information

University of Bern

Summer Academy 2022

Dates: 6 June - 15 July 2022

Interested in broadening your knowledge of issues related to international law and economics? The Summer Academy in Bern covers cutting-edge issues in trade and investment law and policy and establishes valuable contacts with fellow-minded professionals.

Cost: 1200-4200 Swiss Francs (dependent on how many weeks undertaken)

Deadline: Rolling

ETH Zurich

Amgen Scholars Europe Programme

4 July - 2 September 2022 (teaching in Zurich or Basel)
3 - 7 September 2022 (Symposium at University of Cambridge)

ETH Zurich offers scholarships for a summer research stay within the Amgen Scholars Program, covering nine weeks of research in which students will have the opportunity to interact with leading scientists and doctoral students in Zurich or Basel. A closing highlight of the programme is the joint symposium for all European Amgen Scholars in Cambridge, UK.

Cost: Funded

Deadline: February 1st

ETH Zurich

Graduate Robotics Student Fellowship

Dates: 1 July - 31 August 2022

The ETH Robotics Student Fellowship (ETH RSF) program offers graduate students the opportunity to research alongside experts on the specific topic of robotics of their choice.

Cost: Funded

Deadline: February 28th

University of Geneva


Dates: Multiple programmes from May - July 2022

The University of Geneva is offering 15 summer school programmes in a diverse range of subjects, including Technology, Law, Global Governance, Education and Diversity.

Cost: Dependent on programme

Deadline: April 15th

Please note: we will be adding further summer schools and short programmes to this table so please check back regularly.