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Summer Schools and Short Programmes

If a year or semester abroad are not the right options for you, a Summer School or Short Programme can help you develop transferrable skills and gain valuable experience. Identified below are some summer schools to consider, offered by some of the world's top universities. However, students are not confined to participating in these summer schools.  We encourage you to review the following list of summer schools and short programmes and contact the Global Opportunities Team to discuss your options. 

The Summer School Study Abroad Handbook contains information ranging from how to identify the best programme for you to safety resources available to you while you are away. 

Hong Kong


Further information

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU International Summer School 2024

Dates: July 16th - August 14th 2024 

Offering a diversified range of subjects from three thematic learning tracks where students can take up to one subject. The three themes on offer are: Chinese Language, Culture & Society, Design, Innovation & Technology and Business, Entrepreneurship & Global Leadership.

Cost: HK$550 (approx. US$70)

Deadline: 31st March 2024

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Summer Research @ CUHK

Dates: June 23rd - August 17th 2024

An opportunity for undergraduate students to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at CUHK under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member. Over 90 topics in Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science and Social Science, offered by supervisors which you can find out more about here.

Cost: Administration (HK$3,800), Visa fee (HK$330–HK$630) and options accommodation fee (HK$8,800)

Deadline: 29th February 2024 (to be nominated by Exeter)



Further information

University of Tokyo 

UTokyo Global Unit Courses

Dates: June 10th - July 26th 2024 (Course dependent)

Short-term intensive courses spanning from humanities to social sciences to STEM subjects taught entirely in English. There is also the option of Japanese language courses.

Cost: JPY 170,000 per global unite & JPY 5,000

Deadline: To be announced

Akita International University

Akita International University Summer Programme 

Dates: June 17th - July 26th 2024

6-week intensive Japanese language course with cultural workshops where students can go on fieldtrips to sightseeing spots in Akita and partake in club activities with AIU.

Cost: JPY 380,000

Deadline: March 15th 2024

Waseda University

Waseda Summer Session

Dates: June 15th - July 26th 2024

Opportunity to explore academic interests/Japanese unique cultures, choosing 2 out of 16 courses in the context of Japan and Asia Pacific. There will also be a lot of extracurricular activities such as Japanese language exercises, field trips, site visits and cultural events.

Cost: JPY 650,000 (with accommodation)/JPY 405,000 (without accommodation)

Deadline: March 22nd 2024



Further information

National Chengchi University

'Global Immersion in Asia' tailor-made for Master Students

Dates: 20th May - 31st May 2024

Exploration of Asian business dynamics and cultural innovation with a multi-disciplinary curriculum. Courses include those such as: Leadership and Teams, Taiwan's Economies in a Global View, Accounting, Investment and Management in the Age of Big Data, Curating Digital Contents through Cultural Technology and New Product Design & Creativity. 

Cost: See application on website

Deadline: March 20th 2024 (Nomination Deadline)



Further information

Nanyang Technological University

GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme

2-week programme: 26th June-13th July 2024/10th July - 27th July 2024
4-week programme: 26th June - 27th July 2024

Choose from a range of courses including Arts & Humanities, Korean Studies, Business & Economics, Social Sciences, Korean Language, East Asian Studies and Science and Technology. 

Cost: 1,070 SGD (for one course)

Deadline: 31st March 2024 (to be nominated by Exeter)

South Korea


Further information

Yonsei University

Yonsei International Summer School

Dates: 27th June - 23rd July 2024 (or until August 6th 2024 for 6-week programme)

Choose from a range of courses including Arts & Humanities, Korean Studies, Business & Economics, Social Sciences, Korean Language, East Asian Studies and Science and Technology. 

Cost: See application on website

Deadline: May 9th 2024 (Early Bird Reward until March 14th 2024)

Yonsei University

Winter Abroad

Dates: December 27th 2023 - January 17th 2024

3-week winter program at our Sinchon campus for international students who would like to enjoy the winter in Seoul. Focusing on academic achievement with various courses and provides opportunities to travel around Seoul and experience Korean culture, such as the DMZ tour, SKI trip, and Korean cooking class.

1 course: 250,000 KRW
2 courses: 430,000 KRW
3 courses: 550,000 KRW

Deadline: 16th November 2023

Seoul National University

SNU International Summer Program

Dates: 28th June - 28th July

Over 40 courses available including Korean Studies, International Studies, Engineering, Economics & Business, Korean Language and Music & Fine Arts. Field trips and cultural activites also arranged.

Cost: See 'fees' page on website

Deadline: May 28th 2023

Ewha Womans University

Ewha International Summer College

Dates: Session 1 June 28th - July 25th 2024 / Session 2 August 2nd - August 14th 2024

Session 1 - 4-week course with academic courses taught in English with a Korean Language course and Field Trips.

Session 2 - 2-week course with introductory Korean studies and a Korean Language course. It includes special lectures and a 1 night 2 day trip.  

Cost: Depends on course - check brochure

Deadline: Session 1 March 22nd (earlybird)/May 17th 2024

                Session 2 April 19th (earlybird)/June 28th 2024





Further information

University of Sydney

Short Term Study Abroad 2024

Dates: 16th June - 19th July 2024

Students can select up to two intensive units of study over 5 weeks with each unit taught in an intensive format. There are study options within Arts & Social Sciences, Business and STEM.

Cost: $3,150 AUD

Deadline: 15th March 2024 (nominations)

University of Sydney

Sydney Sustainability Program

Dates: TBC

Credit-bearing coursework on sustainability, alongside a series of challenges and exclusive workshops structured around five of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with completion resulting in a Digital Badge.

Cost: TBC

Deadline: Send enquiries and applications to

Deakin University

Australia Studies Summer School (January Summer School)

Dates: 7th January - 27th January 2024 

Insight into the country's history, politics, culture, economy and international relations. Providing an international perspective on diversity and difference in Australian society through studies of popular culture, histories, settlement, landscape and people. 

Cost: AUD $4,775. 

Deadline: Nominations util 15th October & application deadline 30th October



Further information

University of British Columbia

Vancouver Summer Program

June 7th - July 7th 2024 (tentative application deadline:  March 1, 2024) 
July 12th - August 12th 2024 (tentative application deadline:  April 5, 2024)

Taking two courses witha choice from packages in science, architecture, nursing, the arts, business, education, medicine and more.

Cost: See programme website

June programme: March 1st 2024
July programme: April 5th 2024

University of Victoria

Gustavson School of Business International Summer Institute for Business Management

5th July - 27th July 2023
1st August - 18th August 2023

Full program contains two modules: Business Communications; and International Business, Entrepreneurship and Service Management

Cost: Approx. CA$5200

July programme: June 16th
August programme: July 14th

HEC Montreal

Business French Summer School (BFSS)

Dates: 8th July - August 2nd 2024

4-week intensive program focusing on professional French, offering beginner to advanced level classes. Includes interactive oral communication workshops revolving around competencies and themes in connection with the French-speaking business world.

Cost: $1,067 CAD

Deadline: June 17th 2024

HEC Montreal

French and Business Winter School

Dates: January 29th - February 16th 2024

3 week programme for students to immerse themselves in the French language (beginner to pre-intermediate levels) and explore in English the world of business in an international context. Range of activities including French language classes, business conferences and company visits in English and students ca embrace the Canadian winter with activities such as a dog sledding ride, cross-country skiing and a tour of Quebec city.

Cost: $2095 (can be paid in 2 instalments)

Deadline: November 15th 2023 

University of Alberta

International Summer Program

Dates: 10th July - 4th August 2023

4-week programme which combines Canadian Studies, Intercultural Learning, Graduate Research Exposure and some volunteering experiences

Cost: $4600 CAD

Deadline: See programme website

University of Calgary

Calgary International Summer Program

Dates: 3rd July - 28th July 2023

4-week program for international students with either ESL + One Academic Course or two Academic courses on offer. 

Cost: CA $3950-4850

Deadline: See programme website

Costa Rica


Further information

University of Costa Rica

Spanish and Costa Rican Culture Programme

Dates: July 1st - August 1st 2024

Students will be enrolled in a Spanish Language Course (45 hours) aimed at students with no prior knowledge or some basic notions in order to reach a Spanish level equivalent to A1. 

Cost: $4000

Deadline: May 17th 2024



Further information

The University of Texas at Austin

Global Summer Institute 

Dates: July 6th - August 3rd 2024

Enroll in up to two academic content courses in: Business & Accounting, Engineering, Computer Science, Liberal Arts & Humanities or English Language.

Cost: $5500

Deadline: May 15th 2024

 University of South Florida

Summer @ USF

Dates: TBC

Choose from a range of USF courses as a non-degree seeking student, with transferrable credits to your home university.

Cost: TBC

Deadline: TBC

UC Berkeley 

UC Berkeley Summer Sessions

Dates: Dependent on program

UC Berkeley is offering 6 different summer programmes with over 600 classes to choose from.

Cost: See 'international fees' section on website

Deadline: Dependent on program

Washington University
in St Louis

Summer Session

Dates: Range of sessions to choose from

College of Arts & Sciences gives students the opportunity to explore, innovate and immerse themselves in rich academic experiences. 

Cost: $1180/unit

Deadline: TBA

William & Mary

Summer Academic Sessions

Session 1: 30th May - 30th June 2023
Session 2: 4th July - 4th august 2023
Session 3: 30th May - 4th August 2023

Each summer William & Mary offers 180 courses in summer sessions - students will benefit from smaller class sizes and closer working relationships with faculty and their peers.

Cost: See programme website

Deadline: Applications due at least 10 days before the start of classes

The New School

United Nations Summer Study

Dates: 5th June - 21st July 2023

3 program options for understanding the United Nations system and preparation for international careers. UNSS takes you beyond a narrow focus on security & diplomacy to investigate human rights, peacekeeping, environmental & reform issues and more. 

Cost: Dependent on program

Deadline: Rolling until 31st March 2023



Further information

 Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Short Thematic Programs

Dates: July 2023

3-week programmes offered for Business and Economy, Engineering and Science, Management and International Relations courses, complemented with site visits and cultural activities. 

Cost: Contact university

Deadline: Rolling

 Universidad Adolfo Ibanez

Intensive Spanish Program (ISP)

Dates: July 2023

Spend 1 or 2 weeks in Chile learning Spanish, with courses offered for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced speakers. In-class workshops and site visits included in the course.

Cost: Contact university

Deadline: Rolling

Tecnologico de Monterrey

ITESM Summer School

Dates: 26th June - 28th July 2023

Spend 4-5 weeks in Mexico learning about the culture, participating in research projects, understanding Mexican business culture and learning Spanish.

Cost: Check programme website

Deadline: Rolling



Further information

 Tulane University

Tulane Interdisciplinary Environmental Research & Action Program

Dates: May 25th - June 8th 2024/July 23rd - August 6th 2024

An immersive experience focused on community-based approaches to conservation. Two week courses based at FCAT, a community-led reserve and learning laboratory in northwest Ecuador. Students work with instructors and local residents to design, implement and write up inderdisciplinary research projects that directly inform FCAT's conservation programmes. 

Cost: $4,500 + airfare

Deadline: March 1st 2024




Further information

Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Summer Sessions

Summer I (May 24th 2023 - June 20th 2023)
Summer II (June 28th 2023 - July 25th 2023)

3-week programmes offered for Business and Economy, Engineering and Science, Management and International Relations courses, complemented with site visits and cultural activities. 

Cost: $3,410.00 Mexican Pesos

Deadline: April 17th 2023

Tecnologico de Monterrey

Tec Summer School

Dates: May 10th 2024 - May 17th 2024

Four different programmes: ISUMMERMX Programmes, Social Impact & Environmental Consciousness, Spanish as a second language & Mexican culture and regular university courses taught in Spanish.

Cost: Depends on programme

Deadline: May 10th 2024 (Nominations) 



Further information

Universitat Vien

Winter School for Cultural Historical Studies 2024

Dates: February 2nd - February 16th 2024

2 week programme with academic courses and an extensive social and cultural programme. Lectures take place in the morning and guided excursions in the city of Vienna and museum take place in the afternoon.

Cost: 1460 EUR

Deadline: December 15th 2023

University of Graz

Graz International Summer School

Dates: June 30th - July 13th 2024

Two-week summer school with a castle campus atmosphere with lectures, 7 individual seminars and evening events. Offers an all-inclusive package (tuition, meals, accommodation, extra-curricular programme and a Graz excursion).

Cost: Check university website.

Deadline: February 25th 2024




Further information

University of Antwerp

Antwerp Summer University

Dates: Ranging from July - September 2024: check individual summer school for specific dates

The University of Antwerp offers multiple summer schools on a variety of courses, including: Children's Literature, Digital Humanities, Summer School on Vaccinology, Summer School on Animal Law, Rights & Representation and Responsible Fashion Management.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: Course dependent

Solvay Bruseels School of Economics and Management

Solvay Summer School

Dates: August 11th - 20th 2023

Looking into he business environment in the European Union with an emphasis on performance management and geopolitical concerns. 

Cost: EUR 570 - 1200 (dependent on package)

Deadline: March 1st 2023 for early bird discount




Further information

Technical University of Denmark

International Summer University


Choose from 200 different courses in Sciences and Engineering and earn up to 5 ECTS per term. Students can also participate in design-build projects, research immersion courses or graduate courses. 

Cost: Programme dependent

Deadline: March 1st 2023

Aarhus University

AU Summer University

Term 1: July 2nd - July 19th 2024
Term 2: July 22nd - August 9th 2024

Courses in a diverse number of academic areas, including Media, Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Law and Management.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: Applications open January 15th 2024 and the nomination deadline is March 8th 2024

Copenhagen Business School

CBS Summer University

Dates: 24th June - 05th July 2024 (dependent on course)

Option to do 2-week courses, 3-week courses or 6-week courses. 
•    All courses will be announced during December 2023 on 
•    Offering both bachelor and graduate courses within classic business disciplines, but also combined with courses in more diverse disciplines.

Cost: Dependent on Course

Deadline: 19th February 2024 (for nominations)




Further information

Sciences Po

2023 University Programme [ONLINE ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE]

June 5th - June 29th 2023
July 3rd - July 28th 2023

Study Social Sciences, French Language or both at Sciences Po - both academic tracks are offered in each session alongside cultural activities.

Cost: Approx. EUR 2500-4400

Deadline: March 16th 2023

Sciences Po

Immersion en Provence

Dates: 23rd August - 29th August 2023

Intensive course with French classes and activities in Aix-en-Provence. Immersive French classes in the morning and cultural visits in the afternoon for an insight into the Provence way of life, the landscape and the rich local heritage (culture, history, gastronomy etc.)

Cost: 390 EUR

Deadline: June 19th 2023

Kedge Business School

Kedge International Summer School
(Bordeaux, Marseille an d Paris)

Dates: 10th June - 12th July 2024

4 open enrollment summer school packages: 2 in Marseille and 2 in Paris with a mix of Business and Management courses alongside social activities, cultural trips and company visits every week. Students can choose to follow a set package or mix & match courses to create a hybrid programme.

Deadline: May 15th 2024

Kedge Business School

Winter School 

Dates: January 15th - 26th 2024

Students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning and can follow either one or both courses.

Cost: €1000 per course or € 1800 for the 2-week programme

Deadline: November 30th 2023

Grenoble Ecole de Management

International Summer School

21st May - 29th May 2024 (Small and Family Business)
30th May - 6th June 2-24 (International Marketing)

Undergraduate students need to have completed at least 2 years of study. 

Small and Family Business encourages students to explore entrepreneurial strengths and understand how to turn an idea into a successful proposition and learn how to generate and evaluate a business idea, present business plans and assess funding to plan the growth of your company.

The International Marketing programme is for students to discover how global companies are using cultures and to acquire analytical, strategic and promotional tools to optimize marketing performance whilst discovering the success of a famous international company through case studies.

Cost: EUR 4950 (3 week course (including accommodation and breakfast)

Deadline: Rolling

INSA Rennes

INSA-ENSAI Summer School (engineering focused)

Dates: TBC

Intensive courses in French Language and cultural studies, learning about France and it's culture whilst learning how to speak the language.

Cost: Check programme website (tuition waver for the EUR 1000 fee) 

Deadline: TBC

Rennes 2 University

French Language and Culture Courses

Dates: 24/06/2024 - 12/07/2024 (different dates for different courses)

18 hours in French lessons per week to make progress in written and oral comprehension and expression for all levels including beginners. One excursion per week to discover Brittany and cultural outings (cinema, museum, festival etc.)

Cost: 650 EUR

Deadline: 31st May 2024 

Audenica Business School, Nantes

Summer Programme

Dates: May 21st - July 12th 2024 (course dependent) 

Taught in English, a fully modular and flexible programme with each module lasting 1 week. Students can complete the entire 8-week programme or pick a week that fits their needs and interests.

Cost: 100 EUR

Deadline: April 1st 2024 (to be nominated via Exeter) 

EDHEC Business School

The Business of Luxury

Dates: June 24th - July 5th 2024

Courses taught in English with the opportunity to understand the luxury industry, services and brands and learning the key principles of management in the luxury industry to manage customer experience. 

Cost: Check website

Deadline: March 8th 2024 (for nominations)

University of Strasbourg

Autumn Study Abroad Programme

Dates: 2nd October - 14th October 2023

French courses to discover French language and culture as well as courses on European values and the importance Strasbourg's location. Includes cultural activities within campus and in Strasbourg and the Alsace region (day trips, European institution visits, campus visits, meet and greet events with French and international Students.

Cost: 1500 EUR

Deadline: June 23rd 2023

University of Strasbourg

Autumn Study Abroad Programme

Dates: 2nd October - 14th October 2023

French courses to discover French language and culture as well as courses on European values and on the importance of Strasbourg's location in the heart of Europe. Includes cultural activities within the Campus and in Strasbourg and the Alsace region (day trips, European institution visits and Campus visits, meet & greet events with French and international students.

Cost: 1500 EUR per student inc. accommodation 

Deadline: 23rd June 2023


TBS Education International Winter School

Dates: January 5th-14th 2024

3 week long programme taught in English with one course taught in Paris and one taught in Toulouse. Courses available include: Luxury Brand Management, Global Sustainable Tourism, Project Management, Cross-Cultural & Global HR Management and Supply Chain & Global Logistics.




Further information

Technical University of Munich

TUM School of Management
International Summer School

Dates: July 17th - 28th 2023

Covering topics such as bio economy, energy and sustainable finance and impact investing. 

Cost: 1990 EUR

Deadline: June 30th 2023

Mannheim University

MBS Summer School 

Dates: June 24th - July 12th 2024

Various courses on offer including Entrepreurship and Innovation, AI in Business, Designing Data-Driven Business Models

One module: EUR 990
Two Modules: EUR 1,900
Three Modules: EUR 2,700

Deadline: April 30th 2024

Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich

Munich International Summer University (MISU)

Dates: July and August 2022 (dependent on course)

Wide array of summer courses in Economics & Communications, Law, Natural Science and Social & Political Sciences.

Cost: See programme website

Check programme website

Hamburg University

Hamburg International Summer School

Dates: 10th July - 4th August 2023

Health Economics

Language Diversity

Particles, Strings and Cosmology

Cost: Dependent on programme

Deadline: TBC

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Finance and Management Bootcamp

Dates: 15th - 26th July 2024

Covering a variety of topics in business, finance and management to prepare for future studies and careers. Taught in English and will include networking and social events and lectures from industry experts.

Cost: 2,800 (not including flights and accommodation) 25% discount for students from the University of Exeter

Deadline: June 15th 2024


Bachelor European Summer Program 

Dates: May 26th - June 14th 2024

Taking place in Vallendar in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Upper Middle Rhine Valley with a combination of class meetings, group work, company visits and cultural experience. Will feature visits to German companies and the unique historical sites in the area.

Cost: Dependent on home university and course

Deadline: March 29th 2024

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

Tübingen International & European Studies Summer Schools

Dates: Dependent on course

Three different summer schools on Europe and the EU, German language courses, intercultural workshops, study trips, a buddy scheme and social activities.  

Cost: 2400€ 

Deadline: Course dependent

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen

TÜ-VIP program (Virtual Intercultural Programme)

Dates: October 9th - December 15th 2023

Offers courses on Sustainability, Politics, Intercultural Communication, German and other language courses as well as classes on Identity, Culture and Human Rights.

Cost: Free

Application Deadline: October 6th 2023

Bucerius Law School

Bucerius Summer Programmes

Dates: July 3rd - July 21st 2023

3 week summer programmes in International business Law, Licensing Transactions in IP, Legal Technology and Operations. 

Cost: Depends on programme (apply by March 1st for a 15% reduction)

Deadline: April 1st 2023 (for nominations)

Konstanz University

Summer School on Social Gaming 

Dates: TBC

Students interested in research on digital games will cooperate and explore the potential of (online) gaming in theory and practice and apply the knowledge in co-creative gaming sessions alongside experts in game development, design and production.

Cost: TBC

Deadline: TBC

Tübingen University

TU Virtual Intercultural Programme

Dates: 29th January - 5th April 2024

One lesson per week for a 10-week online programme offering courses on Sustainability, Politics, Intercultural Communication, German and other language courses as well as classes on Identity Culture and Human Rights. Priority will be given to students who actually intend to study in person at the University of Tübingen.

Cost: FREE



Further information

University of Pécs

Summer Schools of the University of Pecs

Dates: Ranging from July 3rd - August 1st 2024

Four summer schools to choose from: European Studies, Leadership Skills, International Human Rights Law and Debate Academy and European Studies & Leadership Skills.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: Course dependent



Further information






Further information

University of Bergamo

Intensive Summer Course

Dates: 1st - 19th July 2024

Italian language lessons as well as cultural and recreational activities.

Cost: 600 EUR 

Deadline: June 3rd 2024

LUISS - Libera Univesita
Internazionale defli Studi Sociali

Summer University

Dates: TBA

Courses in international management, marketing, political science, economics, finance and sport management.

Cost: TBA

Deadline: TBA

University of Padua 

Summer School

Dates: 3rd July - 28th July 2023

Run by the deaprtment of Historical and Geographic Sciences and Ancient World the course includes lectures, workshops and interactive group activities and they also offer courses in Italian language. Courses are open to Bachelor students or Masters students.

Cost: 800 EUR for the first 20 selected students and 400 EUR for all other students (not including accomodation)

Deadline: 28th February 2023


University of Bologna

Summer School in Classical Languages

Dates: 19th June - 7th July 2023

Intensive Greek and Latin classes (50 hours over 3 weeks, Monday to Friday), available as beginners Latin, intermediate Latin and beginners Greek

Cost: Dependent on course

Deadline: 5th June 2023 

Bocconi University 

Bocconi Summer School

Dates: 1st July 2024 - 19th July 2024

Six courses to choose from including: Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management, Equity and Venture Capital Financing, International Business Strategy, Luxury Management and sustainability Transformation, ESG Finance & Energy Management.

Cost: €2,300

Deadline: 12th March 2024 (first round) 23rd April 2024 (2nd round)

Bocconi University

Bocconi Summer School in Law (online)

Dates: 3rd July - 8th July 2023

Acquire a legal perspective on topics with a multidisciplinary approach whether you have a background in legal studies or technology or engineering. Deepen your understanding on International Business and Digital Law with topics such as: Law of Smart Contracts, Online Commercial Arbitration and Mediation, Online Payment Transactions, E-commerce and International Sales of Goods. 

Cost: EUR 680

Deadline: 6th April 2023

Venice International University

VIU Summer School

Dates: Dependent on course, from June - September 2024

Intensive programs focus on globally-relevant, specific themes, including: sustainable development, the preservation of cultural heritage, and the challenges facing the world due to ageing populations. Interdisciplinary schools will disseminate knowledge and establish research networks in the VIU community.

Courses include: 
- Linguistic Landscapes: Using Signs and Symbols to Translate Cities
- Visualising Cities
- Science Diplomacy in the Age of Climate Change 

Cost: Dependent on course

Deadline: Dependent on course

Venice International University

Winter School: Global Diversity Management

Dates: January 15th - 20th 2024

An intense academic programme with several visits to local corporate or cultural organisations and an applied approach in order to match the academic/theoretical analysis about insights, knowledge and practical strategies to sensitively manage the issues and challenges associated with working in a culturally diverse context. 

Cost: 500 EUR

Deadline: November 15th 2023

Syracuse Academy

Study Abroad Summer Programme

Dates: 29th June 2024 - 27th July 2024 (course dependent)

Comprised of three programmes: Sustainability Field School, Archaeology field School and Intensive Language & Culture.

Cost: Course dependent

Deadline: 12th April 2024





Further information

University of Groningen

University of Groningen Summer Schools

Dates: Multiple dates from June - August 2022

The University of Groningen offers a broad variety of research-driven and interdisciplinary summer schools in all major disciplines.

Cost: Check specific programme

Deadline: Check your individual summer school

VU Amsterdam

VU Amsterdam Summer School

Dates: July - August 2022

Enrol in VU Amsterdam Summer School to gain study credits, expand your knowledge and build your international network. Variety of courses offered in all major subject areas.

Cost: Dependent on course

Deadline: TBC

Tilburg University

Online Summer School: Justice for victims of conflict-related sexual violence and human trafficking?

Dates: 3rd-14th July

We are proud to present to you Impact’s 6th annual Summer School on Justice for victims of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence (6 ECTS). From 11-22 July, online, i.c.w. Tilburg University Outreaching Honors Program. For bachelor and master students from all disciplines. This is an intensive two-week program of interactive lectures with group assignments. 

Cost: 1000 EUR with 10% discount for partners of Tilburg

Deadline: June 5th 2023

Tilburg University

Online Winter School on Human Trafficking and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Dates: 15th - 26th January 2024

We are proud to present to you Impact’s 6th annual Summer School on Justice for victims of human trafficking and conflict-related sexual violence (6 ECTS). From 11-22 July, online, i.c.w. Tilburg University Outreaching Honors Program. For bachelor and master students from all disciplines. This is an intensive two-week program of interactive lectures with group assignments. 

Cost: 1000 EUR with 10% discount for partners of Tilburg

Deadline: January 5th 2024

Maastricht University



Maastricht Summer School


Dates: Multiple periods from June to August 2023


Courses in all major traditional focus areas, including Arts, Business & Economics, Law & Politics, Sciences and Social Sciences.


Cost: See course for details


Deadline: TBC





Further information

Kozminski University

International Summer School

Dates: 3rd July - 28th July 2023

Students can participate in between 1 and 4 courses in Business & Finance and Economics courses or Legal Courses.

Cost: See partner website

Deadline: 1st June 2023




Further information

University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Summer School: Take the best from East & West

Dates: 8th July - 24th July 2024

Multiple business related courses to choose from.

Cost: Check specific programme

Deadline: June 3rd 2024


Spain and Portugal


Further information

Universidad Pontifica Comillas

UPC Summer Courses

6th June - 1st July 2023
27th June - 22nd July 2023

Classes in Business Management, European and International Law, Marketing, Management and Ethics. The courses have a duration of 90 hours with teaching in Spanish and English, as well as cultural/professional visits.

Cost: Approx. EUR 1455

Deadline: April 8th 2023

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Summer School of Economics and Business

Dates: 1st July - 26th July 2024

4 week intensive course on:
- Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis
- International Finance
- Global Marketing
- Doing Business in Spain

Cost: Check website (depends on programme)

Early bird: February 28th 2024
Regular: June 7th 2024

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Topics in Tourism, International Hospitality and Attractions Management

Dates: July 15th - July 26th 2024

2-week intensive course covering: sustainable tourism, crypto-economics and metaverse applied to tourism, human resources management, hotel finance, customer experience management and attractions management in Madrid.

Cost: Check website (depends on programme)

Early bird:
February 28th 2024
June 14th 2024

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

UAM Tourism Summer School

Dates: 12th June - 23rd June 2023

The programme covers multiple topics in tourism and hospitality. 

Cost: See website

Deadline: March 15th 2023 (earlybrid)/May 31st 2023

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Spanish Language and Culture Course

Dates: June 26 - July 21 2023

For students with intermediate levels of Spanish (A2/B1) with inside & outside class activities. 

Cost: 800 EUR

Universidad Pontifica Comillas

UPC Summer Courses

6th June - 1st July 2023
27th June - 22nd July 2023

Classes in Business Management, European and International Law, Marketing, Management and Ethics. The courses have a duration of 90 hours with teaching in Spanish and English, as well as cultural/professional visits.

Cost: Approx. EUR 1455

Deadline: April 8th 2023

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Summer School of Economics and Business

Dates: TBC

The SSEB program is divided into the Economics Track or Business Track, or students can follow a Mixed Track. 

Cost: TBC

Early bird: TBC
Regular: TBC

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change

Dates: TBC

Join an exclusive 2-week study program that offers a multidisciplinary course tackling climate change.

Cost: TBC

Deadline: TBC


Catolica-Lisbon 'Strategy and Leadership' Summer Academy 

Dates: July 1st - July 12th 2024

100% in English, the Strategy & Leadership Summer Academy offers the chance to study for two weeks in one o the top 40 Business Schools in Europe and is open to undergraduates and recent graduates with less that 2 years work experience (ages between 18-26).

Cost: With Accommodation 1,900 EUR
          Without Accommodation 1,300 EUR
Early bird prices available prior to February 29th

Deadline: April 30th 2024

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Barcelona International Summer School

Dates: July 3rd - July 28th 2023

Varying courses with modules of 1, 2 or 4 weeks that students can combine.

Cost: 550 EUR - 1750 EUR dependent on number of courses

Deadline: June 15th 2023




Further information

University of Bern

Summer Academy 2023

Dates: 12th June - 28th July 2023

Interested in broadening your knowledge of issues related to international law and economics? The Summer Academy in Bern covers cutting-edge issues in trade and investment law and policy and establishes valuable contacts with fellow-minded professionals.

Cost: 1200-6200 Swiss Francs (dependent on how many weeks undertaken)

Deadline: Rolling

ETH Zurich

Amgen Scholars Europe Programme 2024


  • 2 July to 30 August carrying out research at ETH
  • 2 to 3 September presenting the research project and joining the Annual Symposium at the University of Cambridge (arrival  at 1 September, departure on 4 September)


ETH Zurich offers 11 scholarships for a summer research stay within the Amgen Scholars Program, covering nine weeks of research in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Zurich or Basel. A closing highlight of the programme is the joint symposium for all European Amgen Scholars in Cambridge, UK.

Cost: Check website

Deadline: February 1st 2024 (1pm CET)

ETH Zurich

Graduate Robotics Student Fellowship

Dates: 1st July - 31st August 2023

The ETH Robotics Student Fellowship (ETH RSF) program offers graduate students the opportunity to research alongside experts on the specific topic of robotics of their choice.

Cost: Check programme website

Deadline: February 28th 2023

University of Geneva


Dates: Multiple programmes from May - July 2022

The University of Geneva is offering 15 summer school programmes in a diverse range of subjects, including Technology, Law, Global Governance, Education and Diversity.

Cost: Dependent on programme

Deadline: Check programme website




Further information

Koc University

Summer Exchange Programme at KU

Dates: 3rd July - August 20th 2023

Summer Exchange Program at KU offers a broad range of courses in English, both on undergraduate and graduate level taught by an international team of experienced lecturers.

Cost: Check partner website

Deadline: 25th April 2023

Koc University

Postgraduate Law Summer School on European Union Law and Digitalisation [ONLINE]

Courses in Digitalisation and Competition Law, Digital Services and Digital Single Market, Artificial Intelligence and EU Law, Data Protection, Digitalisation and Consumer Protection, Digitalisation and Labour Law, Digitalisation and Corporate Governance, Cyber Security Law, Digitalisation and Sustainability. 

Deadline: June 28th 2023


Please note: Although many universities offer a tuition fee waiver, please check with the Outbound team whether this applies to you as some waivers are linked with our agreement with the partner.

We will be adding further summer schools and short programmes to this table so please check back regularly.

You can find more information about summer schools on our sharepoint site here.



Further information

Demos Academy (Tunisia)

Summer School 2023

Dates: Summer School 1: July 9th - July 23rd 2023
            Summer School 2: July 24th - August 7th 2023

Summer School 1: Arab Democratization in the Age of Revolution which deconstructs the problematic through local knowledge whilst also engaging global examples.

Summer School 2: Tunisia and the Arab World in Revolution which focuses on Tunisian and Arab protest and revolution since 2011.

Fieldwork takes place daily including visits to archives, libraries, civil society associations for talks and Q&A and visits to Kairouan and Sousse for meetings with syndicalists, women's groups etc.

Cost: $2100 for 2 weeks including accommodation and breakfast ($250 discount)