Mardon Hall (58)


Mardon Hall
Streatham Drive
Exeter EX4 4QW

01392 722349

Mardon Hall key facts

Mardon Hall is our oldest purpose-built residence, built in 1933, with many original features such as the wood-panelled library (now used as a study room) and grand staircase still intact. The residence has wonderful views over the Exe Valley.

The residence has 48 single standard rooms and 29 twin standard rooms. There is approximately one toilet and one shower for six residents. There are two baths and one utility area.

To see more images of this residence, please view our Flickr gallery.

Meals are served at Holland Hall.

  • Popular residence - approx 2 applications received per room
  • Undergraduates
  • 32 week contract period
  • 5 minute walk to centre of campus
  • Wifi
  • Television in communal area 
  • Study room
  • Laundry facilities
  • Vending machines
  • Bike storage 
  • Residents must move out during the Easter vacation


Total room price per room for full contract length:

Catered Mardon Hall Twin standard £4,911.87 £5,047.64 32
Catered Mardon hall Single standard £5,287.89 £5,434.39 32


Room size

Single standard rooms at Mardon Hall are approximately 15.5m2 (3210mm x 4840mm).

Twin standard rooms at Mardon Hall are approximately 18.5m2 (3700mm x 5000mm).

These measurements are a guide only. In some residences room sizes vary considerably.

Bed size

Mardon Hall has single beds (three feet wide).

All bedrooms in catered residences have the following:

  • Bed, wardrobe, bookshelves.
  • Desk, chair, desk lamp or built-in lighting, noticeboard and waste bin.
  • Mini fridge
  • High speed wired and wireless network/internet and a telephone is available from StudentCom
  • IPTV is available via your computer. For more information on IPTV visit the StudentCom website and choose the 'TV package' option. Please note you will still need a TV Licence to watch live TV from any device.

For details of your room size and specifics of each residence please see the room details tab above.

If you are living in one of our catered halls (Birks Grange Village, Exeter Halls, Holland Hall, Mardon Hall and Moberley House) the sample menus below show what type of meals are available and when they are provided:

MealDay/timesSample menus

7:45 - 9.30am

Continental breakfast

8:00 - 11:00am

8.30 -11:00am

Brunch Saturday and Sunday:
11.15am - 13.30pm
Dinner* Daily:
17.30 - 19:15pm

To see which menus are being served this term, please visit the 'about catered halls' section of our website for further information.

If you have a commitment and are unable to attend the dinner service please use the replacement meal request form.

Weekday lunches can be purchased at one of our many catering outlets.

Vegetarian options are always available.

* A range of themed dinners also happen throughout the year.

All meals are included for residents of our catered accommodation (Birks Grange Village, Exeter Halls, Holland Hall, Mardon Hall and Moberly House).

If visitors or self catered students would like to eat at BGV the following rates apply:


 SC StudentsVisitor
Breakfast £3.75 £4.50
Brunch £5.50 £6.60
Dinner £6.42 £7.70
Formal Dinner £7.67 £9.20

Catered accommodation at the University of Exeter