Residents Information

Our online induction will answer many questions about your arrival at Exeter and help you familiarise yourself with your University accommodation. We recommend you complete the induction before you arrive you will receive an email when this induction is available to you.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our university accommodation offers an enjoyable and happy environment and our enhanced hygiene measures will keep you safe and protected. We’ll continue to follow Government advice and if we make any changes to how we provide our services and facilities, we will update our information on the central University COVID webpages as well as posts on our Facebook page and within our pre-arrival and arrival blogs.

Due to health, safety and fire regulations, bicycles are not permitted inside University residences. They can be stored in bike stores where these are provided, but please bring a good, strong lock. We endorse the Devon and Cornwall Police recommendation that you use two locks of the D or combination lock types.

You are required to contact your residence reception in order for your bike to be logged and tagged for additional identification prior to storing in the designated locations.

For the location of the bicycle stores near to your residence please contact your residence reception. Please note that space in some bicycles stores are limited and tags will be issued on a first-come; first-served basis.

Bicycle stores are only available for current residents and need to be removed at the end of your contract. If your bike is removed from the store following your departure there will be a charge. 

Any bicycle found in a residence is likely to be an obstruction and so will be removed to the nearest secure bicycle shed. A charge will be incurred to cover staff time will be made to the resident; charges may also be levied to deal with mess and/or damage caused by bicycles indoors.

The exception to this is where a special arrangement has been made for members of the University Bicycle Club to store their bicycle in their bedroom. In this instance the bike will need to be kept in a bike bag; an application form must be completed; and the rules pertaining to bicycles adhered to. A form can be obtained from the University Bicycle Club Secretary.

The standard insurance is up to £300 for theft so you might want to increase the level of the insurance cover. For more information on insurance please refer to point 10 below. 

Due to current restrictions related to Covid-19 the booking of internal social spaces in residences is currently unavailable and as we are reviewing the process to ensure safe use. We will update this page soon. 

There are a range of shops and catering outlets on the both campuses – details can be found on the Eat & Shop webpage.

For safety reasons individual meals or flexible packages will not be available to self-catered students until further notice. 

Residents must pay their charges for University residential accommodation on or before the dates set out in their accommodation agreement. Late fee charges, as stated in the University’s Fees Regulations, are payable for arrears.

Serious or persistent arrears will be regarded as a breach of the student’s accommodation agreement which could lead to it being terminated.

The disciplinary regulations and procedures applicable to students in debt to the University shall apply to residents who owe accommodation charges or any other payment due under their accommodation agreement. The University shall, by these Regulations, warn residents that in accordance with the University’s Ordinance, no person shall be eligible for any award by the University unless all fees, charges, dues and fines owing to the University have been paid in full.

All enquiries regarding payment of accommodation charges shall be made to the SID team located in the Forum. Read all the details about how to pay the accommodation charges.

The University shall not be required to make any repayment of pre-paid charges except as set out in the University’s accommodation agreement or in these Regulations. The University shall not act as guarantor or pay charges for any student living in privately-owned or leased accommodation.

In University managed and owned self-catered residences, cleaning services include the communal areas in flats. In catered halls the cleaning services include both communal areas and bedrooms. You are responsible for cleaning your en-suite facilities, if you have them.

The University has designed a useful Cleaning Guide which offers useful tips and advice to help you keep your accommodation and communal facilities at a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring a pleasant living environment for all. The weekly cleaning rota template is a highly recommended tool to use. Feel free to print off copies and use them to help plan for the week ahead.

See our dedicated webpage to find about cleaning and inspections for your residence.


Once you arrive at the University, Campus Services staff will correspond with you by email. They will only use your Exeter University email address and they will send you emails from ‘’ addresses. These emails will contain important information about your accommodation services and therefore you should check this account on a regular basis throughout your tenancy. 


For regular updates about accommodation matters follow our University Living blog. We provide 3 blogs per week  through late August and September and occasional blogs on Thursdays at 11:00am for the rest of the year.


The Accommodation Facebook page will keep you updated throughout the year with all accommodation news and information. We can be contacted through the page also and messages will be answered between 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Please view our electrical socket provision‌ table for information on how many sockets are supplied in your residence.

Under the terms of your contract; all electrical equipment must be safe; CE marked; have sound mains lead and plug and be correctly fused. Any electrical cooking and food preparation equipment may only be used in the kitchen area of the accommodation.

To call the Emergency Services, you need to dial 999 or 112. Please do not use this number unless it is a genuine emergency. False calls to the emergency services can be traced and callers will be prosecuted.

The University Security Estate Patrol can be contacted on (01392) 723999. To call Police with a non-emergency please dial 101.

Please review our Emergency leaflet which summarises the University's emergency procedures.

Heating in the majority of University owned accommodation is regulated by an automatic central control system. This is to ensure that energy wastage is avoided and to minimise emissions of carbon dioxide, a key global warming gas. It is also to minimise rising energy prices, which are reflected in your accommodation charges.

The heating in University residences will generally be switched on between the months of October and May. Buildings are not normally heated during the summer months. For cost and health and safety reasons, residents are not permitted to bring their own heaters into residences and the University or Third Party Provider may confiscate such items.

Please note that the temperature inside buildings will be artificially heated to 21°C. During spells of cold weather you should dress accordingly.

Further details about heating in your residence please contact your Residence Reception team.

The University does not accept responsibility for loss, theft of or damage to residents’ property unless it is caused by the University’s (or its employees’ or agents’) negligence or breach of contract.

Your contents

University of Exeter works in partnership with Endsleigh, the UK’s No. 1 student insurance provider, to protect the contents inside your room. You don’t need to do anything to activate this cover, but it is important for you to check your cover and ensure that you fully understand the protection provided and whether it is sufficient for your needs. You may also wish to review Endsleigh's FAQs to understand updates on this policy due to Coronavirus.

The policy number for University owned accommodation is: HH1134

If you're living in:

  • Birks Grange Village (self-catered)
  • Duryard 
  • East Park
  • Lafrowda
  • Moberly
  • Rowe House
  • Spreytonway
  • St Germans

then these are UPP residences and we also strongly recommend that you check your cover to ensure that it is sufficient for your needs. The policy number for UPP residences is HH1109F‌‌.

Visit "check your cover" webpage using the appropriate links above to:

  • Check your level of cover
  • Review key exclusions and limitations
  • Check your policy excess
  • Find out how to make a claim
  • Extend and personalise your cover to protect laptops, phones and other valuables both in and outside of your room

We strongly advise you not to keep large sums of cash in your room and contact the Estate Patrol if you have any questions concerning security during your studies at Exeter. 


Laundrettes in residences are operated by different suppliers so please refer to the information in your local laundrette facility for full details. 

Charges for 2021/22 are:

  • £2.80 per wash cycle
  • £1.50 per drying cycle

The laundrettes in any of the below residences are provided by Washstation. You can download the Washstation app from Google Play or the Apple store to reserve a washing machine and manage payements. Here is also a handy Washstation leaflet with a QR code for the app and top tips on washing. 

  • Birks Grange Village (F-Q); the laundrette is located in Ross House 
  • Duryard
  • East Park; the laundrettes are located in blocks B, F and L
  • Lafrowda; the laundrette is located in Bridestowe House
  • Moberly 
  • Spreytonway

The laundrettes in the rest of the residences are managed by Circuit. With Circuit Laundry View you will be able to go online and check the availability of washers and dryers in your laundry. You can also receive an email alert when your wash and dry cycles are complete.

Facilities are available at:

  • Birks Grange Village A Block
  • Clydesdale Court
  • Cornwall House
  • Garden Hill House
  • Holland Hall F block
  • James Owen Court
  • Mardon Hall
  • Nash Grove
  • Pennsylvania Court
  • Ransom Pickard
  • Rowancroft House
  • Rowancroft Radford House
  • St Davids

Circuit have created a useful 'how to' video as well as a useful help guide should you require any additional support.

The machines provided by Circuit are all cashless. They can be operated using the Circuit app available from Google Play or the Apple store. Further information is available in all laundry locations or on the Circuit website.

A limited number of our residences have lifts. In accordance with the current Covid-19 safety measures no more than 2 persons from a household can use at any one time. 

Sending mail

All mail needs to be correctly addressed for each residence. Please see the documents below for your residence reception to see how mail should be sent:

High-value or important items or parcels should be directed to the relevant Reception and should be collected within seven working days.

The University is unable to accept large bulk items including food deliveries. Residents should make their own arrangements with suppliers to meet the carrier to take delivery of such items.

Collecting mail

If you are currently self-isolating, please see our 'information for students who are self-isolating' webpage for update to date information about mail and parcels.

You will receive an email notification when there is a parcel for you. Please note that the auto-notification of delivery from the courier doesn’t mean it has been processed by the Reception team and we ask you to await the invitation email before you come to collect your parcel.

Mail will only be given to the person to whom it is addressed and you will need to show your ID card when collecting mail which can be picked up in the following locations:

  • Birks Grange Village A to E: from reception at Birks Grange Village Central Block
  • Birks Grange Village: F to Q: from UPP Reception at Birks Grange Village Ross House
  • Brunel Close, Flats: Mail can be collected from pigeon holes located in the entrance foyers of each block
  • Brunel Close, Houses: Mail will be delivered direct to each residence
  • Clydesdale Court: from reception at Holland Hall
  • Clydesdale Rise: from reception at Holland Hall
  • Cook Mews: from reception at Birks Grange Village Central Block
  • Duryard, Teign and Yeo Houses: Parcels and items requiring a signature can be collected from UPP reception at Birks Grange Village, Ross House. Letters will be delivered to postal boxes in Teign House
  • East Park: from reception at East Park
  • Exeter Halls: Lopes, Pennsylvania Court and Ransom Pickard: from reception at Lopes Hall
  • Holland Hall: from reception at Holland Hall
  • James Owen Court: from the pigeon holes located in the entrance foyers of each block. Parcels and recorded delivery post is held in the office and a list of names will be put on the office door
  • Kingdom Mews Flats: Mail can be collected from mailboxes located in the laundrette
  • Kingdom Mews Houses: Mail will be delivered direct to each residence
  • King Edward Court: from Birks Grange Village Central Block
  • Lafrowda: from the UPP reception at Lafrowda, Bridestowe House
  • Llewellyn Mews: from reception at Birks Grange Village Central Block
  • Mardon Hall: from reception at Holland Hall
  • Moberly: letters are delivered to post boxes in the ground floor social space. Parcels need to be collected from reception at Ross House
  • Nancherrow: mail is delivered directly to Nancherrow but parcels need to be collected from Radford House Reception at Rowancroft
  • Nash Grove: from reception at Holland Hall
  • Rowancroft (en-suite and Studios): from mail boxes in the foyers of the buildings. Parcels collected from Radford House Reception
  • Rowancroft Court: from mail boxes in the foyers of the buildings. Parcels collected from Radford House Reception
  • Rowancroft House: mail delivered to the building. Parcels collected from Radford House Reception
  • Rowancroft Mews: mail delivered to the building. Parcels collected from Radford House Reception
  • Rowe House: from the UPP reception at Lafrowda, Bridestowe House
  • Spreytonway: from the UPP reception at Lafrowda, Bridestowe House
  • St German’s (Chagford, Christow, Lydford and Widecombe): from the UPP reception in Lafrowda

All other residences have private mailing addresses and any post will be delivered directly, by Royal Mail, to your residence. Please refer to your individual residence page for your postal address.

Collecting mail during Christmas and Easter holidays: 

Mail collection during holidays is different to term time. Please contact your Reception for more details. 

Redirecting mail

You are required to make your own arrangements regarding redirection prior to your departure. Please ensure that you advise all correspondents of your change of address around two weeks before you are due to leave.

Don’t forget to tell your bank and any other companies you regularly deal with. For your information redirection of mail can be arranged with the local Post Office for a small fee.

Mail will be sent ‘Return to Sender’ if you no longer reside at the accommodation and have not made arrangements with the Post Office for redirection. 

Sending internal mail

Internal mail can be sent via the relevant Reception. There are Royal Mail post boxes for any external mail either on or close to the campuses. Mail collection times do vary and are shown on the post boxes. For more information on services provided by Royal Mail please visit their website.

If you have questions relating to moving out please visit our dedicated self-catered and catered Moving Out webpage which will provide you with up-to-date information. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your room is left in a clean and tidy condition including the removal of all rubbish at the end of the tenancy. The University or Third Party Provider will pass on to you the costs of removing any rubbish or carrying out extra cleaning if you have not left your room in the agreed condition. Your room should be cleared of all personal belongings. The University or Third Party Provider may dispose of any personal belongings left in rooms at the end of term if it reasonably considers that the items have no discernible value, and it may pass on to the student any costs properly and reasonably incurred in the removal and disposal.

If an item appears to be of value, the University or Third Party Provider will retain the item and notify the student that it is available for collection, but then dispose of it if the item has not been collected within 21 days of departure. The University or Third Party Provider may pass on to the student any costs properly and reasonably incurred in the removal, storage, and eventual disposal of the item, and the costs of notifying the student, and may deduct these costs from any proceeds of sale. If an item is sold, the University will make all reasonable attempts to contact you and pay over the proceeds, but if this is not possible the University shall be entitled to put any proceeds into the Hall Association funds one year after the item was left in residences.

If you have questions relating to moving out please visit our dedicated self-catered and catered Moving Out webpage which will provide you with up-to-date information.

All bedrooms in our residences have access to Glide Student internet. The Glide Student service offers both wired* and wireless connectivity, allowing for the use of devices including desk-tops, notebooks, games consoles, tablets and smart phones running various operating systems.

*Please note: There is wireless only provision in two of our stand alone houses: Lafrowda Cottage and Garden Hill House. 

In addition to the Internet access in the bedrooms, many communal and some external areas are also provided with WiFi coverage.

Glide Student operates a Support Desk that can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Support Desk can be contacted by Twitter, telephone, email, ‘Live Chat’ (Instant Messaging) or SMS or you can also download the support app 'Glide Support' via the Apple store or through Google Play. Here is a User Guide with instructions on how to connect.

You will have access to the following Glide Student services for no additional charge:

  • 100Mbps internet access
  • Wired & Wireless connectivity
  • VoIP service (free calls to other users of the Glide Student service)
  • Music service (option to stream music for free)

In addition, you will also have the option to upgrade to the following discretionary services at an additional charge:

  • 150Mbps internet access
  • VoIP service (calls to landlines and mobile phones)
  • Security service (access to AVG software at significantly discounted prices)
  • File Back-Up service (unlimited storage space and automatic back-up of designated files and folders)

The Glide Student service will also allow access to the University network, providing access to email, personal filespace and the online learning materials for your course modules.

Glide Student recommends that all residents install an anti-virus package and that you ensure that the virus definitions are up to date at all times.

The Glide Student services are subject to a set of Terms and Conditions (including Acceptable Usage Policy) which will be presented to you as part of the registration process.

To register for Glide Student please visit the following links:

The University has a Sustainable Travel Plan and actively seeks to encourage green travel. In line with this, there is no parking on either the Streatham or St Luke’s (including Rowancroft) campuses for current residents. For most residents the use of a car is not necessary. The Streatham and St Luke’s campuses are compact and Exeter City centre is within easy walking distance of both. Public transport is readily available and many residents share taxis for transport to and from social activities. For travel within the city boundaries, the local bus company Stagecoach offers a student package, please view their website for more details.  

You are strongly advised to avoid bringing a car to Exeter.

Roads around both of the University’s Exeter campuses are subject to restrictions laid down by the local Council, which include pay and display and residents’ permit holders only parking. Residents in University residences do not qualify for resident permits in these areas. However, the University has forged a link with a company who are able to offer Student Parking Off Campus off Mount Pleasant Road, close to the Streatham campus and city centre, for a small weekly charge.

Residents with mobility impairment or other disability-related transport needs who hold a blue badge may apply to the Campus Services Helpdesk for a parking permit and, subject to providing appropriate proof of entitlement, such residents will be given priority and their permits will be issued free of charge.

Please see the car parking website for further information.

Motor cycles may be parked on the campus and at halls of residence at no charge, at the present time. Please ensure that they are either left in designated areas or at specific locations approved by the hall management team. At no time should they be parked as to cause an obstruction or inconvenience to other campus users.

Details about parking, including how to contact the Campus Services Helpdesk who will deal with these issues, are available from the Car Parking Office.

Please note: Motor vehicles which infringe parking or traffic regulations may receive a parking charge, currently £60 or be clamped. A fee will be charged for release, or the car may be removed if illegally parked (e.g. on double yellow lines) and the owner will have to pay the costs of removal and recovery, which may be in excess of £200.

Information regarding parking is correct at time of publication. Please ensure that you check the University’s website at time of application for up-to-date information.

We are currently only able to offer permits for residents of family accommodation at 
Clydesdale Court. For further information about parking please contact your Residence Reception. Please be aware this permit does not allow you to park on the main campus.

Permits are not transferable and should be displayed on the windscreen at all times. A new application is required at the start of the new academic year and the new permit will be issued following payment of the appropriate charge. Permit holders must be owners or named drivers and have the relevant insurance documents.

The University of Exeter currently recycles 43% of waste each year and hopes that this figure will continue to increase. We understand that in some countries and cultures people are not aware of recycling and the benefits which come from this and therefore will often throw items into one bin. The University of Exeter provides recycling bins at various sites at both campuses where plastic, cans, paper can all be separated from anything deemed as 'general waste'. For information on where our recycling points are, please see our sustainability map.

For further information on how you can help and to see what can be recycled within your residence, please see our recycling and waste pages.

It is your responsibility to report faults and damage promptly to the residence reception. If you have a repair or maintenance matter that needs attention please report the problem immediately to the residence reception by email. Please consider, along with as much detail as possible, sending a photograph of the issue.

If you live in any of these residences you can also report faults via Home at Halls app available via Google Play or the Apple store:

  • Birks Grange Village (F-Q)
  • Duryard
  • East Park
  • Lafrowda
  • Moberly 
  • Spreytonway

Maintance staff and contractors are trained to maintain social distancing and will wear face coverings whilst working. Please vacate your study room taking your door key/fob with you and we will lock the door. We do not provide advance notice of responses to fault reports. The University will provide notification in advance of any planned maintenance works. 

More information can be found on our dedicated on fault reporting and maintenance webpage

A safe is provided in some rooms at the following residences:

  • Birks Grange Village (Blocks A-E, en-suite rooms)
  • Holland Hall
  • Pennsylvania Court
  • Rowancroft (en-suite and Studios only)

Please note however that there may not be one in every room. If you are allocated a room which does not have a safe when you arrive, it will not be possible for us to provide one in the room.

In some residences the safe is opened with a four-digit number (set-up by the resident on arrival). Should you forget this number and require the management staff to reset the code a charge will be incurred. In other areas, the safe is operated by a key.

In catered residences (Birks Grange Village A to E, Holland Hall and Pennsylvania Court) this facility is only available during term-time and residents should not leave any personal belongings in the safe outside of the contractual period.

Many residents arrange for deliveries of food and grocery from supermarkets. If you arrange a delivery you need to ensure that you are available to accept the delivery and meet the driver at the specified time. We are unable to accept food deliveries on your behalf. The items are often packaged in re-usable crates and these must be removed from the residence and either returned to the delivery driver or placed in the nearest bin store for collection later. These crates should not be stored in or directly outside the accommodation and there may be a charge made if staff have to move them to the bin store.

The University’s ground staff have a policy of alleviating the worst effects of ice, snow, leaves and algae on paths and roads.

Residents should take extra care when the weather is bad, and any residents with disabilities who may need extra help during such conditions should contact the reception. In adverse weather conditions the University will issue regular communications to advise of any changes. For residence specific information please contact your main residence reception.

We know that coming to a different country to study can be a very daunting experience because the English culture can be very different to what you are used to within your own country.

The International Student Support pages provide useful advice about the differences which you might experience and how you can overcome these in order to embrace the English way of life.

Road safety

The University of Exeter is a sustainable university and because public transport is readily available, students are not permitted to park on site. Staff and visitors are still able to bring cars or motor vehicles to campus and therefore all students must be aware that there will be traffic as they walk around campus.

When walking, students are reminded to keep to the pavements and not walk on the road. Please make sure that before you cross the road you follow the 'stop, look, listen' rule to ensure you remain safe. Please visit the THINK! website for some interactive games about road safety.

Emergency services and facilities

There are a number of services and facilities available close by which are there to help you in an emergency. Please see the information below:

Estate Patrol

The University has its own campus security known as Estate Patrol.  Estate Patrol deal with matters of security and safety.

Estate Patrol officers are on duty 24 hours a day.  They monitor CCTV, patrol the campus, and respond to any incidents.  Out of office hours, they can also help with any issues relating to your residence, such as arranging for emergency repairs to be carried out or helping you to access your room if you are locked out.

The Estate Patrol contact number is 01392 723999 – save this number into your mobile phone now, in case you need it one day.

The department has a committed team of Residence patrollers that work overnight during the term time to provide extra security around the accommodation blocks and also to be available for any welfare issues that might occur out of hours.  The residence patrollers are available during the night if any student feels that they need to talk with somebody or they have a concern that they would like to discuss.  Also all of the Residence patrollers are first aid trained which means in an emergency they are normally the first point of contact.  They can be contacted via Estate Patrol.

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre is available to all registered University of Exeter students and is located within Reed Mews on the Streatham Campus. 

Information for International students and for details on how to register, please visit the Student Health Centre website.

Health services close to St Luke's

Students living at Rowancroft or close to the St Luke's campus may prefer to register with The Heavitree Practice. For further details on the practice, including how to register, please visit the The Heavitree Practice website.

NHS Walk-In Centre

The NHS Walk-In Centre is located in Sidwell Street which is within the city centre. It is approximately 20 minutes walk from both the Streatham and St Lukes Campus. Please see their website for information on opening times.

Accident and Emergency (A&E)

Exeter's A&E is located within the RD&E Hospital (Wonford), Barrack Road and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you require an ambulance in an emergency, please telephone 999.


Our local police station is located at Heavitree Road which is a 2 minute walk from St Lukes and a 25 minute walk from the Streatham Campus. For further information and opening times, please visit their website.

If you require the police in an emergency, please telephone 999. For any non-emergencies, please telephone 101.

Living safely during Covid-19 pandemic

Keeping our community safe is our priority. We have been working hard to make sure that everyone living with us feels safe and informed about the changes in the residences. 

Here is a handy Your Safe Residences Guide 2020 which should answer any questions you might have on what living safely in residences will look like. 

Fire safety

We take fire safety very seriously - fire can spread in seconds, and it is a potential killer. Please watch our YouTube video for important fire safety information.

We put equipment into our accommodation to help keep you safe from fire – for example: alarm systems, fire doors, and fire extinguishers.  We maintain our equipment and test it regularly.  But you also have a major part to play in keeping your residence safe from fire.

When you accept your accommodation contract, you agree that you will not cause a fire risk or endanger other people’s health and safety.  Certain items are not permitted in residence for safety reasons including:

  • Candles and incense
  • Deep fat fryers/Chip pans
  • Portable heaters

If we believe that something in your room is unsafe, we will ask you to remove it.  If you don’t, we will remove it from the residence to protect everyone in the building.

If You Discover A Fire:

  • Sound the alarm
  • Call the Fire Brigade (999) from the nearest safe telephone.  Give the address including the postcode
  • Notify the Estate Patrol (01392 723999 - save the number in to your phone)
  • Evacuate the building as usual  

Accidental Activation

If the fire alarm sounds, there is always a reason. However, sometimes this is because the sensors have been set off by accident.

You can help to prevent accidental fire alarms in several ways:

  • When you take a shower, keep the door shut and turn the extractor fan on
  • Open the windows when cooking, and turn on the extractor fan where one is provided
  • Use hairdryers and hair straighteners, aerosol sprays (e.g. deodorant, hairspray) and talcum powder well away from smoke detectors

If you think you may have accidentally set off the fire alarm, you must still evacuate the building in the normal way - you don't know what might be happening elsewhere in the building. However, tell a member of staff straight away that this may be a false alarm.  No disciplinary action will be taken in this case.

Local Fire Service

Within Exeter our local fire service is the 'Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service' and on their website they provide a number of handy leaflets about staying safe at home. Please see below for some useful links providing information on how you can prevent fire within your residence:

The University is not able to offer students storage for their belongings, but there are a number of private storage providers operating in and around Exeter: 

Other Companies around the Exeter area:

Disclaimer: this information is for reference only; these companies are in no way affiliated to the University. The University cannot be held responsible for the quality of service they provide.

Surfboard storage

Please note that due to health, safety and fire regulations, surf boards are not permitted inside University residences. There are no storage facilities for these items within our residences and so residents will therefore need to make their own arrangements to store surfboards elsewhere with a local storage company.

We realise that living away from home can be challenging at times and we are here to support you by offering a range of services such as:

  • Residence Life Team which supports students living in the University accommodation
  • Wellbeing Services which provide mental health advice, support for a disability and specific learning difficulties
  • Nightline-student-run confidential helpline 

As the University announced climate and environmental crisis in 2019 we encourage students to dispose of waste and use the resources such as water and electricity in a sustainable manner. Here are some useful tips to help you make a small but important difference which can be easily incorporated into your daily life. 


Did you know that heating water for household tasks such as showers significantly contributes to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions? What about waste water? Cleaning waste water is energy intensive and extracting and cleaning our depleting water supply is harmful to wildlife, nature and society.


Tips for saving water:

  • Don’t rinse your teeth after as the toothpaste carries on working to protecting your teeth
  • Use the dual flush if your toilet has one
  • Take a shorter shower which can use up to 20 litres per minute!
  • Put on a full load of washing as this reduces the number of clothes washes you have to do  saving you time and laundry costs too
  • Put a bottle of tap water in the fridge so you have cold water instantly without the need for running the tap through
  • Boil the amount of water you need when cooking food or making a drink
  • Use a washing up bowl rather than under a running tap
  • Try not to waste food, a lot of water is used in its production
  • If you spot a dripping tap or leak in your residence please report it to your reception. A leaking tap can waste 15 litres of water a day!

If you have personal television in your bedroom or watch live TV through a computer you will need to purchase an individual licence*. Only televisions provided by the University in communal areas of the residences are covered by a University television licence. We encourage you to use your personal laptop or desktop to watch TV as few residences have aerial sockets.  

*You now need to be covered by a TV Licence in order to download or watch BBC programmes on demand, including catch up TV, on BBC iPlayer. This applies to any device and provider you use. Find out more on the TV Licensing website.

Summer accommodation

Once your contract has finished if you need to stay on at the University you will be able to apply for summer accommodation at the beginning of the Summer Term. However, accommodation will be subject to availability and if we are able to offer you a room you will be entering into a new accommodation agreement for the period you wish to be in occupation. Please note, we cannot guarantee that you will remain in your term-time room as operational priorities may dictate otherwise.

Information detailing how to apply for accommodation is circulated at the beginning of the Summer Term.

Guests of students living in University residences may enter halls, however, they must be accompanied by a member of the residence. There must not be more than four visitors/guests in the accommodation at any time.

Any student wishing to have overnight guests must seek permission in writing from the Residence Management Team via, who will take into account fire and safety implications and, in shared rooms, the interests of your roommate. Visitors may not stay overnight for more than three consecutive nights. The Residence Management Team will withdraw permission for guests to remain if their behaviour is deemed antisocial or unacceptable in any way.

You must give us at least 72 hours notice of an overnight guest and please note that only overnight guests aged over 18 are permitted. Permission will not be given for overnight guests over Arrivals Weekend and during Fresher’s week.

Students should note the conditions in section 2.5 of the Terms and Conditions of Residence.

Residents wishing to have a guest should provide the following information:

  • Student name and student number 
  • Residence – building, block, flat number and room number 
  • Arrival Date 
  • Departure Date 
  • Confirmation that guest is over 18  

If someone in your household has tested positive Government guidance is that any household with positive cases must not invite or allow social visitors to enter your home, including friends and family. This is the case even if you, individually, are exempt from self-isolation as a member of the household.

Please note that in the event of change of situation due to Covid-19 and any Government recommendations to manage the risk of infection, we may decide that all rights contained in your accommodation contract in relation to Visitors to your room will be suspended for a period of time. If this happens, we will keep you updated and let you know if, and when, we are in a position to reinstate the contract provisions in relation to Visitors.

From September onwards, you are able to register as a student online via the University website. If you have completed the accommodation acceptance process in full, registering as a student will provide access to a room number as well as your term time address.

Please note this room number is provisional and is subject to change. It will be confirmed upon arrival. For reasons of data protection, we are unable to issue a room number by phone or email prior to your arrival.

Bedding and bed size

You will need to provide all your own bedding, linen and towels so you will need to bring:

  • Pillows
  • Duvet
  • Sheets
  • Duvet cover
  • Pillowcases

There are a number of independent shops, department stores and supermarkets in the city centre of Exeter for you to purchase items upon your arrival. Shops are often open between 9:00am-5:00pm on Friday and Saturday and 11:00am-5:00pm on Sundays. Take a look at the Visit Exeter webpage for information on shopping in the city.

Please see your individual self-catered or catered residence webpage under the 'room details' tab for bed size information.