Accommodation Guarantee

At the University of Exeter, we have a wide range of accommodation in Exeter which is owned, managed or approved by the University of Exeter for students studying with us. These accommodation options include houses and flats to more traditional halls of residence. Whatever your preference, the University of Exeter has a range of accommodation styles and budgets to suit you.

You are not required to live in university owned or managed accommodation during your first year and are able to search for private accommodation within the city.

New students

We welcome applications from all students and we guarantee to make you an offer of accommodation if you are:

  • An undergraduate unaccompanied* home, EU or international student who has firmly accepted an offer of a place at the University of Exeter entering their first year of study.

  • An unaccompanied international postgraduate from outside of the EU, in your first year of study, for the full academic year starting in September. Note: You are defined as an international student if you pay international fees.

  • An unaccompanied* incoming study abroad or Erasmus student at studying at the University of Exeter for the full academic year starting in September.

*Unaccompanied relates to the student only and not those bringing partners or children.

Once we have sent you an offer of accommodation, you will need to decide whether to accept the offer or not. If you reject the accommodation offered, we will not be able to make you a further offer and you will need to secure private accommodation in the City.

Applications open Monday 10 April 2017 and you must apply for accommodation by 31 July 2017 to be guaranteed a bed space within our accommodation.

We will prioritise applications received by the 31 July deadline. Please note that due to the high volume of applications received for particular residences, it is not always possible to allocate you to one of your preferences. In these circumstances the information you have provided on your application form will be used as a guide for the type of accommodation we will offer you. During the 2016/17 academic year, we were able to provide 80% of students with one of their preferences. Our room allocation procedure provides further information on how we allocate rooms.

Please use our student accommodation search tool to search through our residences and see which ones are suitable for your requirements.

See below for further information depending on which type of student you are.

If you have put the University of Exeter as your insurance or clearing choice or have received a place through adjustment, you are able to apply for accommodation once your university offer is confirmed which is likely to be after the guarantee deadline date.

When allocating accommodation to those who apply after the 31 July guarantee deadline, we will process these applications in the order that we receive them and we will offer a place in University owned/managed/approved accommodation if rooms are still available.

If we are unable to allocated you to University accommodation, we will point you in the direction of alternative options so you can make your own arrangement in private accommodation in the city.

If you have deferred entry and will be commencing your degree programme in 2017/18, you will fall under our accommodation guarantee and can apply to live in University owned, managed or approved accommodation when applications open on 10 April 2017. A formal offer of accommodation will be sent to you via email in June 2017 so making an application before mid-May is advisable.

Although we advise deferred students to apply early, your preference of accommodation will not be guaranteed as room allocation is made to residences on a random basis. Our aim is to allocate deferred students in rooms across our residences and there is no particular residence specifically reserved for students who have deferred their entry.

If you are deferring your entry until 2018/19, you will be able to apply for accommodation in mid-April 2018.

If you are entering your second year of an undergraduate/postgraduate course you will not be covered by our Accommodation Guarantee. You will therefore need to seek private accommodation within the city. Further information and advice is available on our student housing webpage.

If you hold both a firm and insurance offer at the University of Exeter you will need to apply for accommodation by 31 July, however, if yyour place at Exeter is confirmed for your insurance choice, you will not be covered by our Accommodation Guarantee and your original accommodation application will be declined on results day.

In order to reinstate your original application, you will need to contact the Accommodation Office as soon as you have accepted your offer for an insurance place at the university. Please note that once your application has been reinstated you will be considered as an insurance applicant (please see the note above). Further information about this can be found on our ‘how to apply’ webpage.

Following results day, if you do not meet the entry requirements needed for your course then your accommodation application will be declined. If you are going through a remark of your results in order to amend your grade through your school/college, please contact our Admissions Team to make them aware and also notify the Accommodation Office.