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The University of Exeter has been awarded more than £720,000 by the ESRC to develop impact from our social science research.

Helping you make a difference

The University of Exeter has been awarded more than £720,000 by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to support our academic involvement in a wide range of projects and relationships with businesses, community-based and cultural organisations to accelerate and demonstrate how research at Exeter makes a difference in the real world.

The funding will enable our academics to build new and stronger relationships with non-academic partners. It hugely strengthens the ability of research to make a real and positive difference to the world by enabling our researchers to respond dynamically and flexibly to partnership opportunities as they arise.

We are one of only 24 universities in the UK to hold such a grant. We will build on an existing series of excellent initiatives to ensure that the impact of social sciences research in the UK is maximised.

The scheme will take the form of four funding streams, ranging from smaller cultivation and network funding, to larger project and knowledge exchange funds. This provides a ladder of progression through which potential partnerships can be initiated and developed to enable more productive relationships.

Academic applications for funding will open in October 2014. 

Social Policy Networks

Up to £2,000 per application to facilitate engagement between academic researchers and key public policy formers and influencers. This funding is for the establishment of forum(s) through which relevant research and policies can be shared and discussed.

Impact Cultivation Award

This will fund initial and early-stage meetings between academic researchers and potential partners. Up to £3,000 per application will be available for a range of activities which are either discrete but impactful projects in their own right or facilitate the building of relationships and exploration of overlapping interests, and development of ideas.

Project Co-creation Fund

This larger project fund, of up to £20,000 per application, is for more substantial work with committed non-academic partners. It will be awarded to applications that show the most promise of achieving significant engagement and in-depth knowledge exchange, with an emphasis on two-way collaboration and co-production.

Knowledge Exchange Fellowships

This is open for applications of up to £20,000 for an academic to work in a non-academic organisation or for an external partner to come and work at the University.


Please contact Dr Louise Rutt for more information.