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People Management.

About this course:

As a manager, you are the vitally important link between your most valuable resource - people - and the University's goals and objectives.

How you help your staff to develop and use their learning will affect how successful you and the organisation are in achieving your goals.

With your own day-to-day tasks and challenges, it is easy for staff development to slip to the bottom of the list.

However, if your staff are continually learning and developing you will reap rewards with a team that gains confidence, performs better and is more engaged in what is happening in the team and the organisation.

This workshop will provide you with some ideas, tips and tools to help you and your staff be the best they can be.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- Describe a positive learning culture and understand its impact within a team.

- Identify gaps in skills and knowledge, through a simple training needs analysis.

- Suggest suitable learning interventions for a range of situations and learning styles.

- Understand the emerging Professional Development Frameworks.

- Create a personal action plan to support the development of your team.

Who should attend this course:

Anyone in Professional Services who manages other people and would like to deploy these skills with their staff.

We also offer a career workshop for all staff - 'Taking Control of Your Career'


Learning & Development Manager (People Development Team)

12/06/2020 Delivered Virtually 13:30 16:30 Free Rachel Brewer 10

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