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Researcher Development : Writing Journal Articles (STEMM)



Education and Research


Education and Research

About this course:

Writing for a high-status academic journal is the 'gold standard' for publishing research.

The better your article is, the greater its impact and its contribution to building your career.

However, writing such articles can be a formidable challenge.

This workshop aims to make that process easier.

Reporting your research as a publishable article involves 'packaging' your research in a form that is enticing to editors and reviewers, and ultimately, to your target readers.

This workshop considers how to do just that.

It offers tools, techniques and strategies to help you plan, write and complete your article, whether working on your own or with co-authors.

The workshop also offers strategies for targeting your work at the most appropriate journals, so increasing your chances of being published successfully.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of attending this course, you will be able to:.

- choose a journal for your article, matched to your aspirations.

- write a research article in an appropriate style, well matched to the chosen journal and your target audience.

- devise a strong title for your article and write an enticing abstract.

- handle feedback constructively and engage successfully with the publication process .

Who should attend this course:

This course is recommended for Research Staff from the STEMM disciplines


This session is delivered by Trevor Day an expert independent consultant.

What previous participants have said about the course:

"Brilliant strategic advice"- Research Postgraduate in Life and Environmental Sciences.

Before the course:

A small amount of preparation is required.

Learning provider:

This course is administered by Researcher Development; please contact for more details.

14/05/2018 Penryn: Exchange Yellow 10:00 15:00 Free Trevor Day 14

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