Student Disciplinary Procedure

The University is committed to delivering a high quality service and excellent teaching and learning opportunities. At the same time it is expected that students themselves will have observed their obligations as members of the University, through meeting their academic commitments, showing reasonable consideration for others and a level of general behaviour in line with all the University regulations.

Any student whose behaviour does not meet these standards may be dealt with through the University's Discipline Procedure. Full details of the University's Disciplinary Procedures can be found by clicking the following link:

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Minor Offences can be dealt with by members of the University Staff or Students' Guild who have been authorised by Senate to impose penalties. Examples of minor offences include:

  • anti-social behaviour, 
  • refusal to identify yourself to University staff or using false ID,
  • failure to vacate during fire alarms,
  • excessive noise,
  • misuse of fire equipment,
  • smoking in non-designated areas

Major Offences are dealt with by a Disciplinary Board. Examples of major offences include:

  • assault, 
  • threatening offensive or indecent behaviour or language that causes distress to others,
  • harassment of any kind
  • misappropriation of or damage to the property of any student or member of staff or the University,
  • any action likely to cause injury or impair the safety of others,
  • use, possession, buying or selling of illegal drugs,
  • excessive use of alcohol that is likely to endanger the health and safety of yourself or others,
  • a serious breach of University-approved Regulations,
  • any behaviour or action likely to bring the good name of the University into disrepute.

The General Regulations for Students contains information about what is expected of you, while other more detailed regulations govern specific areas of behaviour.