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MSc FAFM Alumni Career Support

Rachel Sloan, FAFM programme Careers Consultant)

As a FAFM graduate you can still access career support and resources to help you reach your career goal. IF you're feeling a bit unsure about your next steps, you might find it helpful to work through the Careers Forever programme on Career Zone Digital. If you feel like you need more support after this you can book a 1:1 Teams or Zoom appointment with the FAFM Careers Consultant, Rachel Sloan –

As a graduate, you can access The Career Mentor scheme, to link with an experienced professional for sector insights and careers advice and guidance. You can also use the University’s Ask an Alum which enables you to contact University alumni around the world to gain advice on entering your chosen sector, working for a certain company, becoming self-employed or benefit from possible networking opportunities and contacts.

There is also an amazing new alumni benefit for FAFM alumni of three years CFA Exam support. If you're interested in accessing this support please email Pam Sambhi-Appleton. You can also access the Clearly app for up to three years after graduating, just let Pam know your personal email address for this to be updated.