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Meet our alumni

Our global alumni ambassadors

Our MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management ambassadors represent FAFM in their country, and support the University with a range of activities such as:

  • Speaking to future FAFM students
  • Helping us to connect FAFM alumni with networking and social events, and for welcome newly graduated alumni into the network
  • Using their network to spread the word about FAFM on social media

If you have a question about volunteering for FAFM, or would like to help organise an event for alumni in your region, please contact the alumni team at

Class ofNameCountryLinkedIn Profile

Devinder Benning

United Kingdom

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Jing Cao View profile 
Carle Julius View profile

Wen-Chi Wang


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Susan Waithaka


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Jeremy Anderson

United Kingdom

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Malek Benlarbi-Delai View profile
Sara Asif


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2018 Kirti Naik


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Nazeema Derbas


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2017 Chinemelum Etiaba

United Kingdom

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MSc FAFM alumni profiles

We use alumni profiles to celebrate the achievements of the MSc FAFM alumni community. They are also a great resource to inspire future and current Exeter students to pursue a career in the same sector or industry and to show prospective students what life at Exeter and beyond could offer.

If you would like to provide us with a career profile, please complete our online form.