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Paul Laver, Impact and Partnership Development Officer

Level 6 Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (BEng Civil Engineering)

Civil Engineering (BEng)

The Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship programme at the University of Exeter equips graduates with the educational underpinning for a career as a professional and technically competent civil engineer in the construction sector. The programme builds steadily over five years, during which we deliver a unique teaching style based on the pillars of analysis, design and sustainability.

The programme has two specialist pathways:
  • Contracting / Site Management, includes Level 4 Apprenticeship Construction Site Engineering Technician
  • Consultancy

Apprentices will be full-time employees of your business, gaining a Level 6 Apprenticeship and including University of Exeter degree over five years through:

  • Four blocks of two weeks of residential teaching in Exeter each year
  • Evidence gathering in the work place to show competence in the knowledge, skills and behaviours associated to being a civil engineer
  • Twenty per cent of the apprentice’s time will be given over to study, known as off-the-job training.

Our dedicated partnerships team liaises closely with employers throughout the programme; we can assist you with recruiting, education support and administration.

Tuition fees for this five-year programme are £27,000. This includes £9,000 to complete Level 4 and £18,000 to complete Level 6.

Employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy will pay these fees directly through that contribution. 

Business who do not pay the Levy will be able to claim 95 per cent of the cost of tuition fees from Government. If you employ fewer than 50 people and recruit an 18-year-old or a care leaver, up to 100 per cent Government contribution may be available. See further information on the Apprenticeship Levy funding.

Employers must pay their apprentices at least a salary consistent with national legislation and cover the costs of any travel and accommodation required to attend any face-to-face teaching.

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