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Dr Henry MarshImpact and Partnership Development



Systems Thinking Practitioner (MSc) Degree Apprenticeship



Introducing L7 Systems Thinking Practitioner in the Public Sector Apprenticeship (MSc) virtual session

Tuesday 22 June, 1.30 pm and Thursday 24 June, 2.00 pm.

The virtual sessions will be with members of the academic team, and will provide an opportunity to learn more about what an apprenticeship is, to gain an overview of the programme and to ask any questions.

Please contact Henry Marsh for more details.


The Systems Thinking Degree Apprenticeship is suitable for mid to senior level public sector service staff engaged with addressing complex and cross-disciplinary challenges.  

It offers these current and future leaders training in systems thinking methodologies, leadership and ethics, evidence-based practice, stakeholder analysis and ultimately the skills and experiences for delivering services under complexity, risk and uncertainty.  

Apprentices will receive instruction in the latest theory for systems approaches and methods across a variety of modules including ‘Interdisciplinarity in the Public Sphere‘Systems Thinking in Theory and Practice‘Leadership in Public Organisations and ‘Stakeholders in Systems Approaches’. They will gain practical experiences of using key systems approaches in the public sphere - including the ‘Soft-system methodology, the ‘Systems dynamics approach, ‘Critical systems heuristics’, ‘Patterns of strategy’ and others. These theory-led modules are combined with work-based projects where apprentices get to use the new skills and learning on practical real world challenges.  

Successful completion of the programme will result in the award of the Level 7 Systems Thinking Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship and a University of Exeter MSc in Systems Thinking in the Public Sector. Upon successful completion of the programme apprentices will also be eligible for the SCiO Advanced Professional Qualification in Systems Practice award.  

The Systems Thinking apprenticeship is delivered through a blended learning model of in-person masterclass sessions combined with online teaching and learning to maximise flexibility in study. The teaching model incorporates: 

  • Four two-day masterclasses - totalling eight days over 18 months. 

  • Weekly distance learning comprising of online classes and workshops, interactive exercises and webinars. 

  • Two major work-based learning projects – applying learning to real challenges.  

A minimum of 20% of the Degree Apprentice’s contractual working time over a two-year period will be applied to studying 

Our dedicated Degree Apprenticeship partnerships team liaise closely with employer partners throughout the programme; we can assist you with recruiting, education support and administration. Each apprentice is allocated an Workplace Mentor and an Academic Mentor to help ensure their successful completion of the programme. 

Tuition fees for this two-year programme are £18,000. 

Employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy will pay these fees directly through that contribution. 

Business who do not pay the Levy will be able to claim 95 per cent of the cost of tuition fees from Government. If you employ fewer than 50 people and recruit an 18-year-old or a care leaver, up to 100 per cent Government contribution may be available. 

See further information on the Apprenticeship Levy funding. 

Employers must pay their apprentices at least a salary consistent with national legislation and cover the costs of any travel and accommodation required to attend any face-to-face teaching.