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Stay Safe at University

Campus safety guide

Campus safety guide

Personal safety

We are passionate about helping you feel safe and connected to your University. In this Campus Safety Guide, you’ll find lots of information not just on campus safety, but also some great tips to consider when you are out and about, personal safety and securing your property.

This guide is full of useful advice and information you can use throughout your time here.

Check out our top ten tips on page 4!

Fire safety

We take fire safety very seriously - fire can spread in seconds, and it is a potential killer. Please watch our YouTube video for important fire safety information.

We put equipment into our accommodation to help keep you safe from fire. This includes alarm systems, fire doors, and fire extinguishers. We maintain our equipment and test it regularly, but you also have a major part to play in keeping your residence safe from fire.

If You Discover A Fire

  • Sound the alarm.

  • Evacuate the building as usual.
  • Call the Fire Brigade (999) from the nearest safe telephone. Give the address including the postcode.
  • Notify the Estate Patrol (01392 723999 - save the number in to your phone).

Accidental Activation

If the fire alarm sounds, there is always a reason. However, sometimes this is because the sensors have been set off by accident. You can help to prevent accidental fire alarms in several ways:

  • When you take a shower, keep the door shut and turn the extractor fan on.
  • Open the windows when cooking, and turn on the extractor fan where one is provided.
  • Use hairdryers and hair straighteners, aerosol sprays (e.g. deodorant, hairspray) and talcum powder well away from smoke detectors.

If you think you may have accidentally set off the fire alarm, you must still evacuate the building in the normal way - you don't know what might be happening elsewhere in the building. However, tell a member of staff straight away that this may be a false alarm. No disciplinary action will be taken in this case.

Local Fire Service

Within Exeter our local fire service is the 'Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service' and on their website they provide a number of handy leaflets about staying safe at home.