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Business Continuity Plans

University plans

Incident Response Team and Business Continuity (Gold) V12 This plan identifies key personnel, tasks, roles and responsibilities for the strategic management of major disruption to the University’s activities and services.
Emergency Response Plan V11 This plan provides a framework for the University's emergency response to a major incident.

Incident response Team Infrastructure Plan V12

This plan provides a framework for the management of incidents that could occur on infrastructure projects.
Human Influenza Pandemic Plan V8 This plan provides a framework for the management and monitoring of (potential) Human Influenza Pandemics. It can also be adapted for use for other (potential) communicable disease pandemics. 
 Major Event Incident Management Plan This plan provides a framework for the management of a Major Event during a disruption. 
Welfare Incidents Plan V10.0 This plan identifies key personnel, tasks, roles and responsibilities to coordinate the response to serious incidents that have caused significant bodily harm, emotional upset, or have endangered public welfare. 
Generic Silver Incident response Plan V1_1 This plan provides guidance for the ad hoc UoE Silver Incident Response team in cases where there is no Silver plan for the specific scenario being experienced. 

Service / department plans

Many of these plans contain confidential information. Please contact the plan owner/originator or the Business Continuity Team for further details.

Plan titleContact
Finance, Infrastructure and Commercial Services   
Accommodation Office Helen Whyte
Campus Services Helpdesk and Stores Simon Tailford
Engineering and Direct Works  Paul Mucklow
Facilities Operations  Sarah Snow 
Finance Services 

Sarah Ascott 

Grounds Dave Evans 
Hospitality, Conferencing & Event food services Simon Law 
Residential Services Liz Mossman
Retail Catering Paul Weller  
Retail Shops  Matt Blee 
Security  Dan Nicoll 
Transport and Car Parking  Rob Owen 
University Event Exeter   Steve Whyte
University Reception   Lyn Jordan 
Education and Academic Services   
Education Hubs Jenny Crotty 
Exams and Assessment Stuart Attwell 
Faculties Operations  Tim Pithers and Rachel Winzer
Graduation Liz Stevens
Library   James Anthony-Edwards
Student Employability & Academic Success  Steve Wallers 
Student Information Desk Roxanne Grimmett
Student Records/Cornwall Registry Jodie Davies 
Timetabling and Room Bookings  James Major 
Wellbeing  Mark Sawyer 
External Engagement and Global  
Communications Major Incident Action Cards Rob Mitchell
Global Advancement  Lisa Williams 
Global Partnerships  James Smith 
Print & Copy Services

George Moore

Student Access, Recruitment & Admissions  Katherine Lloyd - Clark 
Human Resources  
Human Resources  Gail Reeves 

Research Services 

Technical Services  Emma McArdle 

University Corporate Services 

Business Intelligence  Mariano Sanchez - Luppi 
Policy and Planning   Fiona Kugele