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Faith and Worldview Equality Group (FWEG)

The Faith and Worldview Equality Group meets termly to discuss a range of faith and religious related issues affecting staff and students at our institution and monitor our Faith and Worldview Equality Action Plan.

The Group is chaired by Professor Tim Quine, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Professor of Earth Surface Science at the University of Exeter and brings together academic and professional services staff, students and colleagues from the Students' Guild (Exeter) and the Students' Union (Cornwall).

VCEG Level Chair Professor Tim Quine
Chaplaincy Coordinator (Exeter campuses)

Ramona Nash 

Coordinating Chaplain (Cornwall campuses)

Becky Nesbitt

Faith and Worldview communities reps Multifaith Chaplains 
Representing student issues on Faith and Worldview  Society presidents / reps
Representing Cornwall campus students 

Society reps (FXPlus)

Guild VP Welfare and Diversity TBC
SU President community and inclusivity  Charlotte Agnew
EDI Team Representative 

Niema Bohrayba

Representing staff Faith and Worldview associations Other staff reps