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Sexual Orientation Equality Group (SOEG)

Current SOEG Priorities

Every 2 years, the University participates in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index (WEI), a benchmarking tool which evaluates our initiatives and helps us better understand the challenges of creating an inclusive working environment for LGBTQ+ employees. 

Following on from the University's engagement in this accreditation, the Sexual Orientation Equality Group meets termly to discuss a range of sexual orientation and gender identity-related issues affecting staff and students at our institution and monitor our LGBTQ+ Equality Action Plan.

The Group is chaired by Professor Martin Siegert, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Cornwall and brings together academic and professional services staff, students and colleagues from the Students' Guild (Devon) and the Students' Union (Cornwall).



UEB Level Chair Professor Martin Siegert
Academic member / LGBTQ+ Staff Network (Exeter) representative Professor Jana Funke
Academic member Professor Rebecca Langlands
Professional Services representative Rosie Logiudice
LGBTQ+ Staff Network (Exeter) representative Dr Eleanor Townsend
Kemeneth (Cornwall LGBTQ+ Staff Network) representative Beth Hall
Student Wellbeing representative Helen Anderson
HR Policy Team representative Emma Hilton
Non-binary representative Caspian Robson
Penryn representative Corrina Lowry
Trade Union representative / Speak Out Guardian Professor Claire Dunlop
LGBTQ+ Student Society representative Marianne Baly / Hallow Foster
SU Pride Society representative TBC
Students' Guild representative (Exeter) TBC
Students' Union representative (Cornwall) TBC
EDI Project Officer / Trans and Non-binary Café representative Jasper Privett
EDI Manager Dorcas Cowan

SOEG has agreed 5 key priorities that we are orienting our actions towards LGBTQ+ equality at the University around. These 5 priorities are:

1. Data Collection and Monitoring

2. Mental Health and Wellbeing

3. Inclusive Policies

4. Allyship and Senior Leadership Engagement

5. Inclusive External Partnerships

These priorities combine input from our Stonewall Workplace Equality Index feedback, and conversation with our other key stakeholders in LGBTQ+ Inclusion, including our staff and student LGBTQ+ Networks and groups.

For more information on these priorities and the actions that come under them, please visit our dedicated LGBTQ+ Action Plan page.