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Dr Karen Kenny

Senior Educator Developer (Academic Personal Tutoring)

Room 1, Old Library


Phone: 7512 



  • Senior Fellow HEA 
  • Recognised Leader in Advising (RLA) UKAT 
  • Chair of UKAT Curriculum Management Group 
  • Committee Member UKAT Professional Development Committee 


  • Supporting underrepresented Students 
  • 'Space' in HE 
  • Supporting colleagues in their professional development 
  • Using technology effectively in education 


  • PhD - The Educational Experiences of Children in Care 
  • MSc - Educational Research 
  • MEd- Technology Creativity and Thinking 
  • V1 - Conducting Internal Quality Assurance of the Assessment Process 
  • A1 - Assessing Candidates using a range of methods 
  • Certificate in Education 


Kenny K. (2023) The Educational Experiences of Children in Care – a new perspective on the education of Looked after Children in the UK. Adoption and Fostering. (47.1) 

Keenan, C., Kenny, K., & Comley, S. (Under Review). The Power of Blended Redesign to Support Student Learning In Supporting Law Students (Vol. 1): Routledge. 

Kenny K. (2021) Establishing a Digital Tutoring Hub to support students in a virtual space. Journal of Learning and Development in Higher Education. 

Kenny, K., (2017) The Educational Experiences of Children in Care. A qualitative study of stories recalled across five decades of local authority care experiences. PhD Thesis, The University of Exeter. 

Chappell, K., Walsh, C.S., Wren, H., Kenny, K., Schmoelz, A., Stouraitis, E.(2017) Wise humanising creativity - Changing how we create in a virtual learning environment. International Journal of Game-Based Learning. 

Martin, F.; Griffiths, H., Kenny, K., Felipe, M., Crossman, R. (2016) Young People on the Global Stage. The Intercultural Dimension, Research Report. 

Scaltsas, T., Stenning, K., Alexopoulos, K., Chappell, K., Walsh, C.,Kenny, K., Wren, H., Craft, A., Dimaraki, E., Koulouris, P., Schmoelz, A., Weixelbaumer, T. (December 2014) D2.3.2 Co-Creativity Assessment Methodology, C2Learn Project Deliverable 2.3.2. 

2023   UKAT Annual Conference- EDI SIG - Personal Tutoring as a catalyst for racial equality and an antidote to the degree awarding gap 

2022    UKAT Annual Conference – Can We Talk About This? - Workshop 

2021    UKAT Annual Conference –     Establishing a Digital Tutoring Hub - Presentation 

            Serious Play Serious Outcomes - Workshop 

2021    Association of Law Teachers Virtual Conference - Disrupting Time - Explorations in Planning Legal Education     

2018     University of Exeter – Social Mobility Conference - Poster presentation – the Educational Experiences of Children in Care 

2017    University of Exeter – GSE annual staff/PGR Educational research conference. Paper presentation – The Educational Experiences of Children in Care. 

2016    University of Exeter Research Showcase – Poster submission “Voice behind Gates”. 

Cardiff University - Innovative Research Methods with Children and Young People - Poster submission “Voice behind Gates”. 

2016    University of Exeter – GSE annual Staff/PGR Educational research conference. Joint paper – Non-contextual Challenges in Ethnographic Research. 

2015    University of Oxford - Oxford Ethnography Conference. Plenary session – Poly-fractured Places – Where is the place for children in care? 

2015    University of Exeter – GSE annual staff/PGR Educational research conference. Paper presentation - Poly fractured places. 

Joint Workshop facilitator – Collecting, Creating and Curating Research using Apps and Online Tools. 

2014    INTO Building World Advantage – Back to Basics. Joint workshop facilitator – Using YouTube to enhance interactive learning in and out of the classroom. 

2014    University of Exeter – GSE Annual Postgraduate Student Research Conference. Paper presentation – Do you know what ethics means? 

2010    INTO – Enhancing the Student Experience through Technology. Workshop facilitator – “Ask the Audience” – Examining the use of technology in the classroom, focussing on interactive tools.