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Rebecca Edgerley 

Senior Educator Developer

A061 Peter Lanyon, Penryn



I am a Senior Educator Developer and tutor for the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Programme. I also support educators’ professional development, including guidance, mentoring and assessing for the ASPIRE Professional Recognition Pathway. I provide bespoke learning and teaching support for academics and professional services across a range of topics, such as assessment and feedback, small and large group teaching, and pedagogic theory. I am based at the Cornwall campuses in Tremough House.


I am interested in reflective practice and how this informs educators’ professional and personal development, particularly in interdisciplinary contexts. I use a range of creative arts-based methods to teach and support learning, including poetry, drawing, and games.

Alongside my work as an Academic Developer, I am studying for PhD as part of the RENEW Biodiversity project at Exeter. My research is focused on exploring interdisciplinary collaborations using creative methods and interventions, to better understand the affects and effects that creative practice has on the production and mobilisation of knowledge.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Falmouth University  (2013)
  • MA Norse & Viking Studies, with Distinction from University of Nottingham (2008)
  • BA(Hons) English Studies, first Class from University of Nottingham (2007)


  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy, 2013
  • Magnus Magnusson Memorial Prize 2009 (The Scottish Society for Northern Studies)
  • Margaret Orme Prize 2008 (Viking Society for Northern Research)

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