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If you have a room booking enquiry that is conference related, or if you are not a member of the university, please contact Event Exeter

Ad-hoc room bookings

Staff may now directly book centrally-bookable rooms and have immediate confirmation in most cases (see 'Request a room'). Also on the left is a link to an FAQ page, which should be consulted for further information, especially in the event of any difficulty being experienced.

Students will be able to use the new system in the future, but until then will continue to use the old request system.


For timetabling enquirys please contact your Hub timetabling team at the appropirate address below

Please do not email the team members directly as any unexpected absence may result in delays to your enquiry.

The Team

All members of the team deal with the teaching timetable and internal ad-hoc room bookings

  • Room Bookings (5211) - Daniel Stockton 
  • Amory - Paul West 
  • Amory - Jenny Wlasak 
  • Amory - Claire Bircham
  • Amory - Sam Worth
  • Building:One - Luke Edser 
  • Harrison and Peter Chalk - Nathan Barling 
  • Peter Chalk and Harrison - Adam Turner
  • Queen's - Elaine Wilkes 
  • Queen's - Nikki Hunt 
  • St Luke's - Paul Buck 
  • St Luke's - Victoria Dent 
  • Team Lead for Building:One, Amory and Room bookings - Corey Vittles 
  • Team Lead for Harrison, Peter Chalk, St Luke's and Queen's - Tom Woodhouse 
  • Systems Analyst - Richard Hill 
  • Timetabling Manager - James Major