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Richard Brazier  CREWW Co-Director
Josephine Butcher         CREWW Programme Manager
Alice Foulkes CREWW Project Officer

Technical Staff

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Prof Richard Brazier

Professor of Earth Surface Processes
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Josephine Butcher

Programme Manager, CREWW
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Alice Foulkes

CREWW Project Support Officer

Dr Karen Anderson

Associate Professor in Remote Sensing - View profile

Josie Ashe

PhD Researcher
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Roger Auster

PhD Researcher
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Prof Ian Bateman

Director of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)

Dr Pia Benaud

Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Dr Georgie Bennett

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
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Dr Fabio Boschetti

Research Technician

Gareth Bradbury

PhD Researcher

Prof David Butler

Professor of Water Engineering and Director of the Centre for Water Systems - View profile

Dr Donna Carless

Research Fellow, SWEEP Impact
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Dr Albert Chen

Senior Research Fellow
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Dr Andrew Cunliffe

Research Fellow, Dryland Carbon Dynamics - View profile

Kye Davies

PhD Researcher

Prof Slobodan Djordjevic

Professor of Hydraulic Engineering
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Martina Egedusevic

SENSUM Project Research Associate
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Nicola Ellis

PhD Researcher
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Prof Rayizeh Farmani

Associate Professor in Water Engineering, Centre for Water Systems - View profile

Prof Guangtao Fu

Professor of Water Intelligence, Centre for Water Systems - View profile

Prof Tamara Galloway

Professor of Ecotoxicology
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Dr Naomi Gatis

Associate Research Fellow, Mires Restoration - View profile

Prof Will Gaze

Professor of Microbiology
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Hugh Graham

PhD Researcher

Dr Emilie Grand-Clement

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Anne Hand

Visiting Researcher
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Prof Peter Hopkinson

Professor in Circular Economy
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Dr Ben Jackson

Postdoctoral Research Associate, SWEEP Impact - View profile

Tamsin Lockwood

PhD Researcher

Prof John Love

Professor of Synthetic Biology
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Dr David Luscombe

Research Fellow
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Prof Fayyaz Memon

Professor of Sustainable Water Systems, Centre for Water Systems
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Dr Alan Puttock

Associate Research Fellow
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Dr Eduarda Santos

Associate Professor in Environmental Biology 
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Prof Joanne Smith

Director of Research and Associate Professor View profile