IBM are represented on our alumni network group, which provides excellent networking and relationship building opportunities.

Working with IBM

IT and consulting services company IBM are working in a strategic partnership with the University of Exeter to help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The partnership began when Jeremy Budd, IBM Vice President for the UK and Ireland and an Exeter alumnus, was contacted by a student working to raise money for the University. Jeremy then offered to introduce IBM to the University.

IBM and Exeter found they have complementary interests and a culture of innovation and IBM strongly identifies with the University’s values. 

Existing initiatives include Jeremy sitting on the Alumni Network Group, sponsorship of the 2013 Exeter Impact Awards and a research showcase which provided insight into how IBM might collaborate with the University.

Making businesses sustainable

One of the first initiatives IBM supported was the Centre for Business and Climate Solutions (CBCS), which supports South West businesses in working more sustainably. IBM provided skills, software and expertise and Jeremy has sat on the steering board. The CBCS sits in IBM’s Smarter Cities, Smarter Planet focus and provides IBM with access to the University’s expertise.

Interdisciplinary research

The University is partnering with IBM on a number of research projects, these include:

Improving data storage

The development of the next generation of data storage models is being investigated by the €3.9million CareRAMM project, which offers exciting technical capabilities for data storage and compelling environmental benefits over current storage models.

Advancing water security

Improving water efficiency through novel IT is the aim of the iWIDGET project. Prof Dragan Savic of the Centre for Water Systems is coordinating and developing a strategy for the project, while IBM will be working on a decision support system for daily operational purposes.

Working in partnership

The above collaborations and more have led to a strong working relationship and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in 2013. IBM and the University have now identified mutually beneficial areas of interest in recruitment and research and are working to achieve new goals.