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26 October 2023 - Myco-talks S4 E2: Jennifer Lodge and Amelia Barber

28 September 2023 - Myco-talks S4 E1: Jatin Vyas and Carol Munro

27 July 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E12: Darius Armstrong-James and Aaron Mitchell

29 June 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E11: Agostinho Carvalho and Duncan Wilson

25 May 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E10: Georgios Chamilos and Anuradha Chowdhary

27 April 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E9: Yen-Ping Hsueh and June Kwon-Chung

23 March 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E8: Jule Segre and John Perfect

23 February 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E7: Deborah Hogan and Chad Steele

26 January 2023 - Myco-talks S3 E6: Anrew Koh and Mike Bromley

15 December 2022 - Myco-talks S3 E5: Carol Kumamoto and Richard Bennett

17 November 2022 - Myco-talks S3 E4: David Andes and Nancy Keller

27 October2022  - Myco-talks S3 E3: Partha Biswas and Mari Shinohara

28 September 2022  - Myco-talks S3 E2: David Corry and Soo Chan Lee

25 August 2022  - Myco-talks S3 E1: Petra Bacher and Clarissa Nobile

28 July 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E12: Jay Kolls and Christina Cuomo

30 June 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E11: Mairi Noverr and Xin Lin

26 May2022  - Myco-talks S2 E10: Anne Puel and Michelle Momany

28 April 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E9: Kyla Ost and Gustavo Goldman

31 March 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E8: Dan Kaplan and Hiten Madhani

24 February 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E7: Michael Lorenz and Claire Hoving

27 January 2022  - Myco-talks S2 E6: Ilse Jaconsen and Alistair Brown

16 Decemver 2021  - Myco-talks S2 E5: Axel Brakhage and Ashraf Ibrahim

18 November 2021  - Myco-talks S2 E4: David Denning and Anita Sil

28 October 2021  - Myco-talks S2 E3: Betty Wu-Hsieh and Salome Leibundgut-Landmann

30 September 2021  - Myco-talks S2 E2: Peter Cook and Kirsten Nielsen

26 August 2021  - Myco-talks S2 E1: Bridget Barker and Frank van Der Veerdonk

29th July 2021  - Myco-talks 12: Drs Duncan Wilson and Jules Ene

J4th June 2021  - Myco-talks 12: Profs Julian Naglik and Elaine Bignell

27 Apr 2021  - Myco-talks 11: Profs Neil Gow and Floyd Wormley

29 Apr 2021  - Myco-talks 10: Drs Leah Cowen and Iliyan Iliev

25 Mar 2021  - Myco-talks 9: Drs Scott Filler and Tihana Bicanic

25 Feb 2021  - Myco-talks 8: Drs Nelesh Govender and Anna Selmecki

28 Jan 2021  - Myco-talks 7: Dr Suzanne Noble & Dr Amariliz Rivera-Medina

17 Dec 2020 - Myco-talks 6: Prof Judy Berman and Dr Michail Lionakis

19 Nov 2020 - Myco-talks 5: Drs Joseph Heitman and Tobias Hohl

29 Oct 2020 - Myco-talks 4: Drs Sarah Gaffen and Alex Brand

24 Sept 2020 - Myco-talks 3: Profs Bernhard Hube and Geraldine Butler

24 Aug 2020 - Myco-talks 2: Dr Liz Ballou and Prof Bruce Klein

30 July 2020 - Myco-talks 1: Professor Arturo Casadevall and Dr Rebecca A Drummond

Monthly MycoTalks

Monthly MycoTalks


The MRC CMM would like to invite you to join us at the Monthly MycoTalks, where experts in Medical Mycology and related fields will be presenting their latest research.

Recordings of all of our previous MycoTalks are available to view on our Youtube channel

Recordings of all the Medical Mycology Trainee Series also available to view on our Youtube channel

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  • JOINING: by Zoom on the last working Thursday of each month at 16:00 (London, Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh time)
  • REGISTRATION: For each meeting you will have to register and will receive the zoom link to join by email.
  • CANCELLATION: if you are no longer available to attend, please DO CANCEL your registration to make your space available for another attendee.

Talk number

Meeting date


Deputy chair




S1 E1

30 July 2020

Sarah Gaffen

Jay Kolls

Arturo Casadevall

Updating the fungal infection-mammalian selection hypothesis at the end of the Cretaceous Period




Rebecca Drummond

Understanding Mechanisms of Organ-Specific AntiFungal Immunity

S1 E2

27 Aug 2020

Gordon Brown

Sarah Gaffen

Liz Ballou

The Cryptococcus neoformans Titan cell is an inducible and regulated morphotype underlying pathogenesis




Bruce Klein

Genetic variation at the Interleukin-6 locus and human susceptibility to fungal infection

S1 E3

24 Sept 2020

Neil Gow

Jay Kolls

Bernhard Hube

The virulence and avirulence functions of candidalysin




Geraldine Butler

Ongoing hybridisation in Candida species

S1 E4

29 Oct 2020

Oliver Kurzai

Jay Kolls 

Sarah Gaffen

A Tale of Two Cytokines: IL-17 and IL-22 in driving oral mucosal immunity to Candida albicans 




Alex Brand 

Rsr1 - a simple GTPase with a complex function in the cellular organisation of Candida albicans.  

S1 E5

19 Nov 2020

Gordon Brown

Oliver Kurzai

Joe Heitman 

RNAi-dependent epimutations evoke transient antifungal drug resistance




Tobias Hohl 

Foiling Fungal Invasion: Lessons from the Mycobiome and Pulmonary Antifungal Immunity.  

S1 E6

17 Dec 2020

Joseph Heitman

Gordon Brown

Judith Berman 

Tolerating challenges: lessons from pathogenic yeast

        Michail Lionakis

Aberrant type 1 immunity drives mucosal fungal infection susceptibility

S1 E7

28 Jan 2021

Sarah Gaffen Alex Brand  Suzanne Noble Candida albicans, a fungal pathobiont of the mammalian gut
        Amariliz Rivera  Novel insights on the regulation of interferons and innate antifungal immunity

S1 E8

25 Feb 2021

Alex Brand Judith Berman Nelesh Govender Milestones in the Prevention and Management of Cryptococcal Meningitis
        Anna Selmecki Genome plasticity and the acquisition of antifungal drug resistance in Candida species

S1 E9

25 Mar 2021

Iliyan Iiiev Joe Heitman Scott Filler Aspergillus fumigatus transcription factor expression and function during invasion of the mammalian lung
        Tihana Bicanic  Emergence and mechanism of fluconazole resistance in human cryptococcosis
S1 E10 29 April 2021 Geraldine Butler Neil Gow Leah Cowen Identifying Vulnerabilities in Fungal Pathogens Through Functional and Chemical Genomic Analyses
        Iliyan Iliev The Mycobiome of the gastrointestinal tract: at the crossroad of Protective Immunity and Inflammatory Diseases
S1 E11 27 May 2021 Judith Berman Gordon Brown Neil Gow The fungal cell wall: communication across barriers
        Floyd Wormley Induction of protective immunity against pulmonary Cryptococcus neoformans infections
S1 E12 24 June 2021 Sarah Gaffen Iliyan Iiiev Julian Naglik Host-Candida interactions – a toxic encounter
        Elaine Bignell Antivirulence strategies for tackling aspergilloses 
S1 E13 29 July 2021 Jay Kolls Oliver Kurzai Duncan Wilson

Micronutrient scavenging by human fungal pathogens

        Jules Ene Population heterogeneity in the context of antifungal drug resistance
S2 E1 26 August 2021  Neil Gow  Jay Kolls Bridget Barker Investigating the Genomic Landscape of Coccidioides
        Frank van Der Veerdonk Immunotherapy in fungal infection
S2 E2 30 September 2021 Geraldine Butler Sarah Gaffen Peter Cook Host responses to Aspergillus that trigger asthma and allergic lung disease
        Kirsten Nielsen Cryptococcus Cell Wars: The Ultimate Battle Between Host and Pathogen 
S2 E3 28 October 2021  Jay Kolls  Geraldine Butler Betty Wu-Hsieh Differential usage of receptors for fungus-induced innate cell response
        Salome Leibundgut-Landmann Immunosurveillance of fungal commensalism
S2 E4 18 November 2021  Alex Brand  Judith Berman David Denning Why are there still so many deaths from fungal disease?
        Anita Sil  Regulation of cell shape and virulence in thermally dimorphic fungal pathogens
S2 E5 16 December 2021  Judith Berman  Alex Brand Axel Brakhage

Aspergillus fumigatus interferes with maturation of phagolysosomes and triggers antifungal extracellular vesicles by neutrophils

        Ashraf Ibrahim Unique invasins and toxins promoting hallmarks of mucormycosis
S2 E6 27 January 2022 Iliyan Iliev Gordon Brown Ilse Jacobsen

The role of filamentation in systemic candidiasis.

        Alistair Brown Fitness, memory and immune evasion in Candida albicans
S2 E7 24 February 2022 Joe Heitman   Iliyan Iliev Michael Lorenz Candida-innate immune interactions:  surprising lessons from comparative transcriptomics
        Claire Hoving Host recognition and clearance of Pneumocystis: investigating immune mediators and mechanisms
S2 E8 31 March 2022  Sarah Gaffen  Judith Berman Dan Kaplan Recognition and consequence of C. albicans recognition by cutaneous sensory neurons
        Hiten Madhani Secreted fungal effector triggers allergic inflammation via Toll-like receptor to enable lethal infection
S2 E9 28 April 2022  Oliver Kurzai  Sarah Gaffen Kyla Ost Adaptive immunity shapes friendlier fungi in the gut. 
        Gustavo Goldman

The caspofungin paradoxical effect: a tolerant "Eagle effect" in Aspergillus fumigatus

S2 E10 26 May 2022 Judith Berman Neil Gow Anne Puel Inborn errors of IL-17 immunity and superficial fungal diseases
        Michelle Momany Conidial dormancy and germination in Aspergillus fumigatus
S2 E11 30 June 2022 Gordon Brown Sarah Gaffen Mairi Noverr Harnessing Fungal Trained Immunity to Target Lethal Sepsis
        Xin Lin TLTA4H-LTB4-BLT1 axis plays a critical role in anti-fungal infection through regulating neutrophil function
S2 E12 28 July 2022 Alex Brand Oliver Kurzai Jay Kolls  The Genetics Of Pneumocystis pneumonia: from host to fungus

Christina Cuomo

Population genomics and the evolution of virulence traits in Cryptococcus neoformans

 S3 E1 25 August 2022 Neil Gow Jay Kolls Petra Bacher  Regulation of protective immunity and inflammation by fungus-reactive T helper cells
        Clarissa Nobile  Host mucins are natural inhibitors of Candida albicans biofilms
 S3 E2 29 September 2022 Geraldine Butler Neil Gow David Corry Fungi as Biological Probes of the Mammalian Immune Response
        Soo Chan Lee A novel drug resistance pathway in pathogenic fungi
 S3 E3 27 October 2022 Jay Kolls Gordon Brown Partha Biswas  Metabolic fitness: key determinant of neutrophil function in fungal infection
        Mari Shinohara  Phenotypic and functional subsets of lung myeloid cells at an early stage of Cryptococcus neoformans infection
 S3 E4 17 November 2022 Alex Brand Geraldine Butler David Andes Construction and destruction of the Candida biofilm matrix
        Nancy Keller  GRAsp: a user friendly platform to further Aspergillus fumigatus research 
 S3 E5 15 December 2022 Judith Berman Alex Brand Carol Kumamoto  Gut colonization by Candida albicans: host-Candida interactions govern the commensal state
        Richard Bennett  Phase Separation Regulation of Candida Transcriptional Networks
 S3 E6 26 January 2023 Iliyan D Iliev Oliver Kurtzai Andy Koh Candida colonization of the mammalian gastrointestinal tract
        Michael Bromley  Application of functional genomics for drug discovery in Aspergillus fumigatus
 S3 E7 23 February 2023 Gordon Brown Iliyan D Iliev Deborah Hogan Fungal evolution in chronic lung infections reveals selective pressures in vivo 
        Chad Steele Fungal-associated allergic airway inflammation: unexpected contributors to pathogenesis (and a surprising non-contributor)
 S3 E8 23 March 2023 Jay Kolls Judith Berman Julie Segre Human Skin Mycobiome: Finding Friends and Foes
        John Perfect The Sugar-Coated Killer Yeast unplugged!
 S3 E9 27 April 2023 Oliver Kurzai Gordon Brown  Yen-Ping Hsueh Catch me if you can — predator-prey interactions between carnivorous fungi and the nematode C. elegans
        June Kwon-Chung Stark differences in pathobiology of the two cryptococcosis agents, Cryptococcus neoformans and C. gattii species complex
 S3 E10 25 May 2023 Judith Berman Geraldine Butler Georgios Chamilos Molecular Mechanisms regulating fungal phagosome biogenesis in health and disease
        Anuradha Chowdhary  Understanding of Candida auris niches in the environment: is this a One Health case?
 S3 E11 29 June 2023 Joseph Heitman Gordon Brown Agostinho Carvalho  Metabolic circuits of immune regulation and function in aspergillosis
        Duncan Wilson

Zinc prevents vaginal candidiasis by inhibiting expression of an inflammatory fungal protein

S3 E12 27 July 2023 Joseph Heitman Oliver Kurzai Darius Armstrong-James Phenotypic and clinical correlates of genomic diversity in Aspergillus fumigatus
        Aaron Mitchell Natural variation in the Candida albicans biofilm regulatory network
 S4 E1 28 September 2023 Gordon Brown Geraldine Butler Jatin Vyas The Role of the cGAS/STING Pathway in innate immunity to C. albicans
        Carol Munro Targeting the fungal cell wall
 S4 E2 26 October 2023 Neil Gow Joseph Heitman Jennifer Lodge The changing coat of Cryptococcus
        Amelia Barber From Environment to Infection: Insights from Aspergillus fumigatus

Current programme of invited speakers: 

Talk number

Meeting date


Deputy chair



 S4 E3 30 November 2023 Alex Brand Neil Gow Sandy Johnson  Evolution of pathogenesis in the Candida clade
        Mat Fisher Citizen-Science Approaches to Understanding Big Fungal Problems
 S4 E4 25 January 2024 Oliver Kurzai Iliyan Iliev June Round  
        Damian J Krysan  
 S4 E5 29 February 2024 Judy Berman Neil Gow Alessia Buscaino   
        Sing Sing Way  
 S4 E6 28 March 2024 Iliyan Iliev Sarah Gaffen Thuy Le  
        Antonis Rokas  
 S4 E7 25 April 2024 Sarah Gaffen Alex Brand Toni Gabaldon  
        Oliver Kurzai  
 S4 E8 30 May 2024 Geraldine Butler  Jay Kolls Neta Shlezinger  
        Pushpa Pandiyan  
S4 E9 27 June 2024 Christina Cuomo Gordon Brown Yong-Sun Bahn  
        Wendy van de Sande  
S4 E10 25 July 2024 Joseph Heitman Oliver Kurzai Christina Hull  
        Trainee seminar series speaker  

Organising Committee:

Gordon Brown, Alex Brand and Neil Gow (MRC CMM, UK), Judith Berman (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Geraldine Butler (University College Dublin, Ireland), Christina Cuomo (Broad Institute, USA), Sarah L Gaffen (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Joseph Heitman (Duke University School of Medicine, USA), Bernhard Hube (Hans Knöll Institute, Germany), Iliyan D Iliev (Weill Cornell Medical College, USA), Jay Kolls (Tulane University, USA), Oliver Kurzai (University of Wuerzburg, Germany).