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Spotlight on... The MRC CMM MRes-PhD Programme

Spotlight on... MRes workshop at the PHE Mycology Reference Laboratory

A bespoke four-year MRes-PhD programme that will provide a broad interdisciplinary training that is not available anywhere else

Our students recruited to the MRes-PhD programme will spend their first year undertaking a bespoke formal MRes degree in Medical Mycology and Fungal Immunology. This MRes provides our students with a broad inter-disciplinary training that is not available anywhere else in the world, and an extensive foundation of knowledge and key skills for their subsequent PhD programme. In addition to core skills, this structured course includes lectures in medical mycology and immunology, bioinformatics, research tutorials, and practical training in molecular mycology, analysis of virulence, and infectious disease immunology. Students will also undertake a two day course at the Mycology Reference Laboratory in Bristol, to learn first-hand about difficulties faced in fungal detection and diagnosis. During this MRes course, each student will carry out two 3-month research projects, offered by different MRC CMM PIs, which are aimed at delivering advanced practical training in both medical mycology and immunology. Evaluations of the MRes students will include continuous assessment (essays, laboratory practicals, individual and group presentations), multiple-choice questionnaires and written exams. Research projects are evaluated by lab performance, by thesis and by oral presentation of the project findings.

On successful completion of their MRes degree, students will then choose their PhD research project from a selection offered by MRC CMM members. These projects will be cross-disciplinary, involve at least two MRC CMM members, and will address our new research themes (discussed above). To foster existing collaborations and catalyse new interactions, we will encourage projects involving partnerships with industry or with other centres of research excellence (such as TREE or CGEBM), nationally (such as the Manchester Fungal Infection Group) and internationally (such as the Hans Knöll Institute, Jena). Proposed projects will be evaluated by the Management Board (MB) (conflicted participants excluded) and only those of sufficient quality addressing the strategic aims of the Centre will be offered to the PhD students. To optimise cross-disciplinary initiatives, MRC CMM members will not be allowed to act as the principal supervisor of more than two CMM PhD students at any one time. Students will be supported with a research budget of £9k per annum. 


Submission of applications for this call is currently open

Do you want to make a difference in patients’ lives? Are you interested in combating major global infectious diseases? Do you want advanced training in molecular biology, microbiology, genomics, host-pathogen interactions and/or immunology? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should consider the MRes-PhD studentships offered by the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Exeter (MRC CMM).

Call for applications is now open - Read more and apply

Deadline: midnight Sunday 6th February 2022

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